Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Tombstone (Rock Lords)

Behind the old house is a cemetery, filled with those whom once lived and their gravestones.

There's nothing quite like Tombstone from Rock Lords. He's this big green rock that sort of looks like a gravestone who transforms into a reptilian robot carrying a weapon called 'The Reaper', that looks like a radiator. I suppose it's supposed to be some sort of laser? On the mini-comic from his packaging, 'The Reaper' is depicted as a sickle. You know, like you'd associate with it's name. In Ganseki Chojin his name is Geigerrock, which is a pretty fitting name for that weird reptilian appearance. I suppose there's some Aliens influence in the design, or at least some similarities. Both Tombstone and Geigerrock are pretty great names. That's one thing I like about Machine Robo, they don't shy away from more harder sounding names and themes for the villains. For someone who enjoys scary things like I do, it's pretty fun.

Tombstone is a big green rock with lighter green robot parts. If you have Geigerrock, those robot parts are red. 'The Reaper' is black for both toys, but in Robo Machine and Machine Men, it's brown. He's still known as Tombstone in Machine Men and Robo Machine and pretty much looks the same. However all the versions aside from the US Rock Lords figure have a pearlescent sheen on the outer green rock bits. I'm not sure why the US skipped it, but they did. The Tombstone pictures here is mine. I got him at Toylanta this past year in great condition, though missing 'The Reaper'. Missing weapons are hardly a surprise when buying loose old toys. I think he was around $15 - $20. A pretty good price for an older toy in great shape. His joints are nice and tight, if not for little specs of dust in odd places... you'd think he was new.

I fortunately don't pay much for Rock Lords when they're found, not sure how much longer that's going to last with Armorizers on the way. Tombstone doesn't have much articulation, not completely surprising considering transforming robot toys of his era generally didn't. Though Rock Lords tend to have a fairly decent amount. It's not a lack of articulation, but a lack of useful articulation. His legs and knees move nicely, but his arms and elbows move inward/outward due to transformation. I guess 'The Reaper' is useful as he can aim it within the limited range of movement. It's not a deal breaker, just something to point out. When buying toys from this era, it's best to understand and accept the limitations. It's going to have them regardless. Aside from the weird arm articulation, Tombstone is a fun little figure. Like all Evil Rock Warriors, he's this weird rock monster robot that's a little hard to describe without getting side eyed looks from others. I guess that's part of the Rock Lord experience. Still a cool toy.

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