Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Raphael (Mutant Mayhem)

My newest TMNT figure from the Mutant Mayhem line is Raphael. I've always loved his always angry character. Normally the group is recognized for being goofballs when the focal point is often between Raphael and Leonardo bumping heads. Like the two before him, Raphael is well articulated and full of character. His trademark grimace is topped of with his mask worn more like a bandanna as it often is. 

As you'd expect, he comes with his trademark pair of sai. Also included is his the weapon rack like the others and a baby turtle. This rack comes cast in silver plastic for some nice variety. There's a can of ooze, throwing stars, and a slice of pizza as in the other racks. There's also a pair of hook swords and a dirk to give Raphael something extra in a fight. I like the contrast between the sillier turtles and the more serious ones that starts here with Raphael. I didn't have time to get a regular picture of him either, but I doubt you mind the stock imagery. We just have Leonardo to go and I'm looking forward to completing the set.

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