Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Donatello (Mutant Mayhem)

Getting back on my look at Mutant Mayhem toys is Donatello. Before I go any further, I'm using stock photography. I wasn't happy with my normal picture for this post and haven't had time to take a new one. Donatello is my wife's favorite of the TMNT... and seemingly everyone else's. I get it, he's the smart one that comes up with all their neat gadgets. With a group of 4 fighters, an additionally smart guy is very appreciated. Donatello has a similar base body as Michelangelo did, however with a few differences. His glasses and sling bag with smart phone hanging out is a great touch. Once again, he's a teenager and the smart guy. There's a set of headphones so he can listen to some beats on that smart phone. I love these little extra touches in this line. Of course Donatello has his bo staff, but the additional tree of weapons includes a spear and 3 sectional staff which are great variations of a bo staff that I could see him using in a fight. Then there's the throwing star, can of ooze, baby turtle, and slice of pizza (love) that seems to be standard with this team. I really appreciate the solid action figure with plentiful articulation and characterful design coming with so many accessories for a low price ($10). Donatello doesn't disappoint and has me looking forward to my next toy in this set.

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