Friday, March 31, 2023

DK2-Guard (Legacy/Generations Selects)

At some point Hasbro decided to jump on the Diaclone bandwagon and I'm all here for it. DK-2 Guard here was a random gift from my mother who picked it up at Gamestop and he's super neat to have. Instead the attempts to work Diaclone into TF mythology like the others, he's just straight up a modern incarnation with an Autobot symbol. No problem there, it's super cool. So much so that they even referenced the Diakron version of the toy with his name. This leads me to wonder why the Diaclone Universe in Legacy isn't Diakron Universe... but I guess that's being specific for the sake of being specific... and seeing as there's no monetization of this site, I can't get away with that.

DK-2 Guard is a repaint of the Earthrise Ironhide toy. Thanks to Covidmania running wild during Earthrise, I was never able to get a version of that toy. With as happy as I was with the Siege version, that wasn't a big deal, but it is nice to have some version of it. This is a heavily retooled version of that Siege mold, so much that you could be fooled into thinking it's a new toy in vehicle mode. Robot mode is basically the same, but now with a van roof that doubles as a shield. it's neat, but I prefer to stick it on his back.

I keep saying he, but DK-2 Guard isn't an individual, it's a mech suit piloted by a Dianaut. Normally with the Transformers versions of Diaclone bots they get a personality based off the drivers. That's not the case here and DK-2 Guard is generally represents the mech itself. DK-2 Guard serves as a guardian for mankind against Waruders, Dinosaurs, Decepticons, and whatever evil force threatens mankind. Something like this is great as Diaclone Reboot toys are generally very expensive, but there's options of you'd like some Diaclone available at an affordable price. It's an expensive hobby and in these uncertain financial times, it's great toy have a bone thrown every so often.

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