Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Picks up a Train and fucks up Town

It was just the other day I was talking about Godzilla Singular Point. Specifically, a toy from that series of Godzilla Terrestris. Today, we're taking a look at the next stage of Godzilla's evolution from that series in toy form. This is Godzilla Ultima. You may have noticed while looking at him... that's closer to what you expect. Despite a few obvious design differences for variety... that's undoubtedly Godzilla. Godzilla looks a little more like a crocodile in this form and... that's ok. I've never seen a dinosaur, but I've seen a crocodile. The dinosaurs I see on TV are not the most scientifically accurate and to be honest... the science is constantly changing so... who knows really what they looked like? But I do know what a crocodile looks like and it's a natural fit for a more animalistic version of Godzilla.

It's not unfair to compare Godzilla from Singular Point to Shin Godzilla. There's probably a lot of influence there. Between the monstrosity and the various evolutions, his atomic breath is pretty similar too. Godzilla Ultima is 100 meters tall. That's pretty big. However this Godzilla does have his differences. Each form has different crazy abilities and Ultima is practically indestructible. In fact, Godzilla in Singular Point is immortal. You may eventually kill him, but he will come back. Fuck around and find out squared.

This toy of this particular Godzilla is pretty damned neat as well. The colors and sculpted detail look great. So great that it's almost hard to beleive this isn't a more premium priced toy. He's only 12 dollars like the others. Godzilla Ultima has your standard amount of articulation for a kaiju toy of this type. Tail, head, and arms swivel while the legs move at his hip. The tail is dramatically posed, but also pretty big, so you'll be adjusting those legs to stand him up. Fortunatley most modern Godzilla's tend to have heavier hind quarters which results in a bigger center of gravity. Just a little adjusting and he shouldn't fall too easily. This is a great figure and I love looking at it. It's really great just how far Playmates has came along with these figures.

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