Tuesday, October 12, 2021

E Ticket EVA

If there's one thing that makes me jealous of others, it's when they visit themed attractions. Specifically those lucky folks in Japan that seemingly has a non-stop supply of them. Not just at theme parks either. Oddball parks and shopping centers, arcades, or even pop up shops. Here in America, they're at bigger theme parks or special appearances for a new movie. Maybe Spirit Halloween fits the bill a little. From an outside perspective, there's quite a bit in Japan and if I lived there, I'd visit them up often. I love that sort of thing. Above is the Neon Genesis Evangelion attraction at Toei Kyoto Studio Park. A park I'd like to go to already (they have a great Kamen Rider and Super Sentai exhibit). This cool attraction offers a life size EVA Unit 00-1 with several activities a fan could enjoy. I'm not the most well versed Evangelion fan, but like the show and this looks like a lot of fun. I'd sure visit it if I could.

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