Thursday, August 6, 2020

Star Wars In Fleets Of Mission

The Star Wars toy line has been around forever and still manages to have really neat toys. The new Star Wars Mission Fleet figures are definitely really neat toys. I missed out on their Toy Fair preview as it's near impossible to navigate a flood of news an event like that generates. It was through other mini figure fans on Instagram that I discovered them. Honestly, it's one of those things that it really takes a picture to give you a solid idea of just how cool these figures are. I'll try to describe them anyway. Because that's how blog posts about toys work.

With Star Wars Mission Fleet, you've got action figures and vehicles. Standard Star Wars toy stuff. The figures however, are much smaller mini figures with a bit of style in their sculpts. I've heard comparisons to Imaginext and that's not too far off. They have the ball joint in their shoulders like an Imaginext, but individual leg articulation. They're made from a rubbery material similar to a keshi, which is very satisfying in hand.

There's vehicles that are all toy, classic Star Wars with modern toy features like firing rockets and the like. Though in smaller scale, and those damn little figures just add so much charm. There's a million Luke Skywalkers at your local Walmart, this one's an individual. It's the standard figures (gear class) that really won me over though. If it was just a mini figure with accessories, I'd be sold. However they come with little mini vehicles that make the whole package 100% better.

As pictured above, Boba Fett comes with a flight pack that's based off the Slave 1. That's in addition to his standard jet pack. Ashoka Tano has a sky skiff based on a Jedi Star Fighter. That's the kind of thing that drive me crazy with excitement. It's super cool and gives me strong Micronaughts/Microman vibes. Part of me wonders if this is the end result of some of Hasbro's Micronaught planning sessions. I mean, they've been working on it for awhile and nothing has surfaced. It's not that far fetched to imagine an executive thinking it a better put forward current ideas on a proven selling property.

I really like these toys. It's the perfect storm of things I like and that's generally how I prefer to spend my leisure time. The little figures have a charm that's hard to deny and packed in a classic play pattern. That's a winning combination any way you slice it. I love Star Wars and really appreciate when they do fun things like this with it. I'd love to see Hasbro extend it to other lines. I imagined Ghostbusters with blind bag ghosts and almost had an aneurysm.

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