Thursday, March 5, 2020

Press Enter To Start Blaze

Beast Morphers has came back for it's second season and boy are my arms tired. Wait, what? Anyway, the gangs back for a new season and it's a welcome one. Beast Morphers has been really fun so far and something I like to see continue. One of my favorite characters of the first season was Blaze. Blaze was far from the first 'bad guy' Ranger, but it's a trope I've always enjoyed. Admittedly what I liked best was his costume. Using Enter's Dark Buster suit from Go Busters, Blaze looked like some futuristic vampire from a 16 bit Konami game.
I'd put a spoiler warning here, but the information's been spread far and wide since the end of season one. Blaze returns in season two as Robo Blaze using Enter's regular outfit. The costume is absolutely awesome, and now he matches Roxy's use of the Escape costume. Frankly, I prefer the season one costume. My love of spooky shit is no secret and the bat theme made for a great Halloween themed ranger. Robo Blaze does look cool though. Instead of that great bat theme, he looks more at home in the King's Musketeers under the lead of Luis the XIII. Not to mention, I like the goggles he and Roxy sport.

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