Thursday, December 12, 2019

Nezha:Transformers trailer online!

Real talk, I'm a little under the weather. I don't feel good and sometimes when I'm this way I need a little pick me up. Seeing the first footage from the Nezha:Transformers cartoon did just that. After what feels like an eternity, finally there's something! A little while back I wondered if the show would be a repacking of Cyberverse stuff as it's pretty much straight up Transformers and probably a easy repackage for foreign markets. Looks like it was for the most part.

I don't make cartoons, but I'm sure reusing the cgi models in this new cartoon was a budgetary move. Probably relieves a bunch of the workload when most of the cast is already sitting as a cad file. Fortunately they're good looking models and makes for a good looking robot show. I don't know how well the show will turn out, but I really want to watch it.

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  1. It's like Don's heart was opened up and turned into a TV show. I can't wait to watch it, and buy any of the exclusive toys.


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