Sunday, November 24, 2019

I wish I was at Designer Con

I've been watching Designer Con 2019 via Instagram posts from various other toy bloggers and indie groups I follow. Man it looks like such a good time. I'd love to go take in all the art, indie toys, and just love all the cool stuff. It's the Sunday night before Thanksgiving here, so I'm working to offset the holiday week a little (weird holiday hours come with the life of a night shift cnc programmer). Though looking at all these pictures of cool stuff makes it easier... and me a little envious.

Some of my favorites are there. The Godbeast, Spy Monkey, and a bunch of other Glyos guys. Not to mention great keshi and sofubi on display. It's probably a good thing I wasn't there, I'd go broke. A con like this is refreshing, because it's artists showing off their art and people that enjoy it. There's not the pissing contest that comes with all sorts of news from the con and various click bait sites trying to capitalize. Just a bunch of people who like the same kinda things. I dig that so freaking much.

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