Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The House of Ghosts

There's something about old silent movies that's just unsettling on it's own. The janky film rate causes movements to seem unnatural, the limited grey tones play with the stage make up and costumes of the actors making even the most mundane character look directly out of a fever dream. That's not even describing the film's special effects fueled by pure nightmare imagery. Somehow they only looked like that in the old days. Someone could be fooled into thinking this is a cursed video or something from the dark web. What it is, is a one hundred and eleven year old french horror movie. Still, I dare you to watch it at 3am.

The House of Ghosts/The Haunted House/The Witch House/La maison ensorcelée is pretty impressive for all it's special effects in a time where they were still trying to figure out how to make movies. Stop motion, various super imposing, and other film techniques that I just don't know the name of portraying paranormal activity. That's not even describing the group of friends being terrorized by said paranormal activity. Their costumes and make up are just freaky. Sure, I know it was just a sign of the times, probably utilizing live stage actors at a time while movies were still being practically invented. Doesn't make them less terrifying in their own right. I mean, that stage make up was usually lead paint.

Halloween is a great time for scary stuff, pretty much the official time of year for it. Every store has a few spooky specials and horror movies on a special display. They know everyone is in for a good scare. Don't be too surprised to see a odd compilation DVD with a hundred old silent horror movies on it. You'd probably find today's video on that disk as well as a few choice others. While The Nun and Michael Myers may scare you, these old ones will sit in your subconscious. You'll see them when you close your eyes. Go ahead, I dare you to watch it at 3am. I'm sure it's not cursed... maybe. 

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