Friday, April 12, 2019

Star Wars episode IX sneak peak excitement

Celebration is happening this weekend. Best thing about these mega cons for those who don't attend is the flux of news that comes from them. That means the first trailer for Star Wars IX : The Rise of Skywalker. Which of course means I've been an emotional tornado since waking up today. Joy, excitement, happiness, pure bliss. Star Wars is the reason I'm into the things I'm into and something I purely love. But enough about my feels and more onto my thoughts. Thoughts other than fist pumping and making noises that make the dogs bark. I don't have dogs, but that's what's wrong with yours.

I've been a huge fan of The First Order since they were revealed and that opening shot of the Tie Fighter heading right into Rey is awesome. The First Order to me is just so menacing. Like, ok, The Empire was of course the big bad. But The Empire fell and the follow up HAS to be a force to reclaim what they had. The First Order doesn't pull punches and is genuinely scary. They are the space military equivalent of a slasher movie killer. Not to mention, the imagery is awesome. I love the black and red combinations. Love the Storm Troopers. Love Kylo Ren's look, and seeing him putting his helmet back together makes me oh so happy.

My love for licensed merchandise is no secret and that's another fault of Star Wars. The prospect of all that fun stuff coming tied into this movie has me literally salivating in anticipation. Force Friday is October 4th this year, and I'll be directly at my local Walmart after getting off work that morning to check out the goods. I'm a fan of Hasbro's standard 5 point 3 1/4 line and can't wait to dig into the goods. I hope At Games Star Wars consoles will be out by then, I figured they'd have the Marvel ones out in time for Avengers 4, but guess not. I wonder if they'll start pumping out the Disney ones by Christmas, maybe even as Disney Plus launches.

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