Thursday, January 10, 2019

Havex Machines Strike Chopper and Boat

Strike Chopper base mode
My friend John sent me some Havex Machines toys and man are they neat. If you haven't seen the toys, they're nifty transforming toys with a tiny micro car that you roll into their bases. By way of a magnet, this triggers the spring loaded transformation where the base unit configures into a larger vehicle or robot.
Strike Chopper vehicle mode
These little toys are hard not to like as they're just fun. There's something to be said about driving a car into a parking spot and find yourself now the pilot of a space ship.

This was an exclusive boat that came with the Ultimate Battleship play set
I do have to wonder though just how easy it would be to drive a space ship with a steering wheel. Though I can make phone calls from my steering wheel, so I guess you can do anything with a Bluetooth connection.

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