Monday, January 7, 2019

Atomic Blast Shin Godzilla

One of the great gifts from my wife this Christmas was this really cool Shin Godzilla figure from Neca. The figure is a great sculpt of the crazy scary Godzilla from the movie Shin Godzilla with his mouth open to breathe fire!

Godzilla is gnarly looking, really bringing the unique version from Shin Godzilla to life. I really appreciate his super long tail and tiny grubby hands. They did a great job bringing the way his mouth opens in the film when letting that atomic blast go to life. It's a bit uncomfortable to look at, just like the king was in the movie.

Neca saw to include two atomic blasts that could be inserted into his mouth to simulate that groovy atomic beam. A nice touch was that the beams are wire bendy type toys, so one doesn't have to worry about the long pieces getting bent out of shape. Just a little adjusting and you can straighten it back out. The toy is really nice. It's super heavy and features a bunch of articulation (not needless joints, but where they should be) with a gimmick that just looks great.

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