Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Manglors were one of those weird toys that came along at what was seemingly the right time with Master of the Universe and other fantasy toys making big bucks at stores, but somehow fell by the wayside. Maybe it's my anticipation of new stuff in the Godbeast store tomorrow that's got me thinking about cool monster toys. Slime based toys seem to be all the rage with kids right now (thankfully, I love slime and am glad to see it in the spotlight again) and can't help but to think Manglors would be a hit right now.

Whenever Manglors come up, the subject of the 'pull apart' feature comes up and how it never really worked so well as the gooey substance dried up or didn't stick together well. That's probably one of the pitfalls that made Manglors a hard sell back in the day. But I'm sure if packaged a as cheap toy like slime, folks would be more patient with a toy that's not going to last long. Another thing that occurred to me was what if instead of toys, Manglors got a new life as gummy candy? I can't count how many times I've ripped apart a gummy and stuck it together with other gummy candy. A bear headed snake, that's magic and I still do it. Who wouldn't like a gummy devil or dragon?

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