Thursday, October 25, 2018

Zoids Liger Zero (basic action figure version)

When one talks about Zoids, they usually focus on the model kits. Which isn't surprising considering it's the focal point of the series and well... they're awesome. Though if you look just below the surface, you'll find a slew of excellent toys other than the model kits. I've always enjoyed the pvc's and action figure versions of the Zoids as they offer an alternative to the big bulky unit. Sure, I've got my Iron Kong... but it's a beast (no pun intended, but I'm gonna own it anyway) to fiddle with. While my action figure and pvc's are great to just goof around with casually. BTW, if you haven't noticed as a reader yet, I'm trying to put more focus on my own toys past the occasional review post. It's a work in progress, so work with me while I get the process streamlined (I'm trying to improve my pictures). Since this is the first one of these type posts on Zoids, I thought no body better to start off with than Liger Zero!

So... does he have a ladder or something?
Like standard Zoids model kits, the action figures come with a pilot figure. Liger Zero comes with a tiny Bit Cloud who can fit inside the cockpit to pilot Liger Zero into combat. I was always surprised that they made individual sculpted figures of these and not just a standard generic pilot figure or just skip it all together. Though the group aimed aimed at with the action figures would have been the kid that's watched Zoids New Century every afternoon after school. So that little touch might have added a little extra incentive. A removable pilot is always cool, but a outright Bit Cloud... that's exciting! A Zoids model kit has all sorts of features. Usually mechanized movement, and firing weapons. Lights, sounds, all sorts of neat stuff. The action figures are not lacking for play value either.

What, no cup holder?
This version of Liger Zero not only offers a pilot with cockpit for play value, but also a firing missle cannon that can be aimed as well as a slashing claw action utilized by pressing a cleverly disguised button. Add in unfolding turbo boosters and some articulation (legs, jaw) and you've got a solid small version of a very striking looking Zoid.

kitty boo boo

Striking is a mild way of putting it, Liger Zero is just a very good looking design. There are other Ligers in Zoids, and maybe even better looking ones, but it's hard to deny that slick white and black deco on that classic Zoids styling. In all, Zoids are good toys. They look great, they have tons of play feature, and let's face it... they're just plain cool.

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