Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nestle Halloween candy commercial (1977)

Look, I don't know how much more Halloween you can get than Frankenstein slinging candy bars with a rebate offer on the bag than this but, here we are and here it is. Thinking about the ending, when did the frightened Frankenstein trope begin? I mean, sure, he's always been afraid of fire and possibly get's self conscious ordering at Subway (dammit, nobody is worried about what you're doing while they're eating lunch, just tell the guy what you want and stop holding up the line). But when did the 'oh my goodness, you scared me' variation start?

Sure it's funny to see a big scary monster act non threatening (this comes from a big scary monster who used to own a Honda Fit), but it's certainly been a long running thing. Either way, I love older Halloween commercials. Not just for nostalgia either, I just prefer the presentation and style. Though I have been seeing some newer ones that are sure to be classics. There's a newer Kit Kat one with a badly carved pumpkin who talks goofy (see, his mouth is weird). Or that great IHOP one with the talking pumpkin that turns around to reveal it's face, scaring the mail man who picks it up and throws it (every time, every freaking time it comes on my neighbors end up beating on the ceiling).

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