Friday, September 14, 2018

McDonald's McBoo Pails commercial

Ok, let's talk about a conundrum here. The McBoo Pails were the literal bomb. 


You had to have one each year, if not all of them. When they went away, they were sorely missed. When McDonald's started doing pails again at Halloween it was celebrated even though it wasn't the same thing. Just nothing compared to how awesome they were. Nothing too fancy, really simple, a Halloween character themed pail with a lid. Intended to use for trick or treating... but that's where the conundrum came in. You didn't use it for that. You used something bigger. A bag or a bigger pail that could handle the bulk of candy you better damned well be getting while out. Yet, so help me God if I didn't get one or more of these each year all would suffer and I mean all. Sure they just got used to hold crayons or something. Maybe the bank teller used one in place of a bowl for those suckers they had for kids in the car for the season. Either way, the things were important and I believe if McDonald's brought them back (and I mean the real deal ones) each year folks would get over any complaint they have with fast food in less than a second. We'd even forgo the apple slices, but enough with the tiny fry box bs.

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