Wednesday, August 8, 2018

You Mighty Morphin Hassenfeld Brothers!

Ever since last years Power Rangers movie, talks of a sequel have been on many Ranger fan's mouths, minds and keyboards. Despite initial impressions (those first looks wern't the best), the movie was a very satisfying movie and worthy update of the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Unfortunately all reports seemed to point to it's failure to launch a film series. Fortunately, though, those reports seem to be wrong.

Earlier this year when Hasbro bought Power Rangers, I cheered as Hasbro has a habit of singing the songs I like to hear. 

I've made myself be patient for the fruits of the Hasbro era as the old era winds down with the last of Ninja Steel debuting later this month. Beast Morphers is sure to be awesome. There's no shortage of enthusiasm I have for Beast Morphers. Now with this excellent news, I anticipate a new movie that builds on the foundation that the first laid. I hope for more in suit Ranger action. More Zords, more monsters, can I cross my fingers for Lord Zedd? There was a tease of what the sequel could be about in the credits, which I hope comes to pass as it's a story thread I've always liked.

This isn't good news, no, this is great news. 

Morphinominal News.

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