Saturday, August 25, 2018

Spooky Goop Halloween Make-Up commercial

It's never too early to start thinking of your Halloween costume. Sure, it's late August, but before you know it that same mask that's been collecting dust all season at Walgreen's will be sold out by the time you walk into buy it (and a Pepsi). I've mentioned before my affinity towards Halloween make up kits before. From the dollar tubes of generic colors, to the more elaborate kits (that you somehow end up still just using the basic colors). Then there's the kits with a gimmick, some extra concoction that sticks to your face adding in some kind of effect. A scar, warts, that weird icy crystal stuff we've all tried once. Usually the extra stuff dries up and falls off somewhere around when it's too late to go back home and fix it, but too early to clean it off. Leaving you with a giant make-up hole in your face that you end up explaining for the rest of the night (I'm looking at you Terminator 2 set).

Spooky Goop was sold more on the novelty of mixing it up in neato mad scientist type gear than the end product. Which was 100% the idea as who wouldn't want to mix up a fizzy potion to put on their face instead of just smearing that generic dollar tube of green on that smells like farts? Sure the end result looks like that weird skin mask stuff thing Mom spreads on her face before bed time (and seemingly does nothing), but you got to mix it together in a coffin and vial made from the thinnest plastic known to mankind!

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