Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Special

August 28th is now International Power Rangers Day as it was the day Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in 1993. To celebrate the occasion, a special crossover episode of Super Ninja Steel was shown in prime time last night featuring several past Rangers teaming with the Ninja Steel gang to fight a dimension hopping bad guy who's building a army of evil clone Rangers. This was easily the best crossover special they've done as basically the entire episode was a summary of what everyone says when they talk about Power Rangers. Tommy is the best one. Oh sure, there's always the standard wannabe nerd hipster that auto complains about anything popular, but facts are facts and Tommy is the most popular one. So he pretty much steals the show here. I didn't mind as he's my favorite regardless of how stereotypical that might be.

Seeing as the episode just aired under 24 hours ago, I won't go into any spoilers as not everyone has seen it yet. Though I will say, it was probably the best episode of Power Rangers in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I do wish there was a little more to it. I guess with a 30 minute show filled with so much, you're only getting cliff notes to work with, but man did they use those 30 minutes. I really wish the show was normally like this. If you get a chance to watch this, I recommend doing so. Even if you have only the most casual enjoyment of Power Rangers, it's still enjoyable enough on it's own strengths.

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