Wednesday, August 22, 2018

McDonalds Halloween commercial (1979)

I don't remember ever getting McDonald's gift certificates when I'd go trick or treating, but I do remember being a teenager working at McDonald's during Halloween and Christmas when folks were buying those gift certificate booklets like crazy. Half the time I was working in the drive through window. Not taking orders, but in the second window handing out orders (you know how it works). Normally customers would pay at the first window, but occasionally they'd want to buy something else while I was handing them their bags of cheeseburgers.

This involved grabbing a cashier and having them ring it up and relay the money from the window and back. The gift certificates required getting a manager, who had to ring them up specifically and would go get them from the locked cabinet in the office. Which just sucked because I never had a fast food manager who did things timely. Then the line would get backed up and I'd get yelled at by customers for keeping them waiting in line as well as the manager would yell at me for the line when it was them everyone was waiting for.

I know working fast food when you're 16 is supposed to suck, but jeeze...

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