Demon Hunter Mitsurugi intro

Last night, before I went to sleep, I found myself watching a few episodes of Demon Hunter Mitsurugi. I had intended to watch some Godman when stumbling across this fever dream of a toku show that despite occasionally seeing images of, I have never watched. I dug it as it's really different. Before when I'd see pictures of the ninja team, I had assumed they were wearing pilot outifits. That was totally wrong as they're wearing stylish helmets with their ninja outfits and color assigned scarfs.

The bad guys are a threat called the Scorpion Army, whom are from space despite 100% being spooky demons and monsters practicing various evil magic. Most fascinating is that the giant battles are stop motion and not suits. This makes the scense come off just a little more nightmarish as there's a freaky nature to the scenes. There's only 12 episodes, so I should have no problem watching the show entirely. It's really cool and pretty ripe for Halloween Horrorcon fodder.


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