Monday, June 11, 2018

Form ratchet Devastator!

It occurred to me that many of you might have assembled your Constructicons from various thrift stores, loose seller boxes, or random bootleg toy sets. Assemble those mofo's into Devastator! Actually, if you've got a bunch of mismatched parts, even better! Know what? If you've got some Frankenstein creation of a Devastator, send me a pic (include a link or something for the pic) with some details and I'll highlight it here on Zone Base. I don't know just how many of those K.O set Devastators I have, but man there's a million! I've seen folks mix and match parts just to form a Devastator and it's usually great! I still regret not building that Walgreen's multicolored set from around 2003 (that joker was diecast!).

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