Thursday, April 5, 2018

King Walder commercial

As I've noted earlier this week, that Halloween love has sprouted right back out of me. Which makes me laugh at myself, because the Halloween Hootenanny I do on Zone Base isn't too much different than the years regular content (maybe just a little more emphasis on horror). The scary monsters and horror themes are pretty rampant on the subjects I cover here, which makes me wonder if I'm into horror because of robots, or am I into robots because of horror? I try not to question it too much though because I don't feel I need to define myself and really, I'm pretty comfortable with myself (as much as possible anyway, everyone has self esteem issues occasionally). So all presentation silliness aside, is this Henshin Cyborg commercial crazy or what? I love the animation created for the ad and the plain scariness of it. It's like an old metal album cover come to life.

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