Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Henshin Cyborg Shonen Cyborg commercial

Coming back from Toylanta, which was formerly known as Joelanta (as it was originally a con for 12 inch Joe fans), conversations are still fresh in my mind. One gentleman had plenty of Henshin Cyborg figures and I enjoyed chatting with him about them. He was older than me and is from the pre-internet generation that relied on pen pals and the like to help him track down these great toys from another country. Sometimes I feel older than I am talking with younger fans about the early days of the internet and what it was like before the internet was really a thing. Back pages of magazines with various classified ads for fans and collectors, ordering catalogs and getting on fanzine lists. Then I talk to this guy, or hear stories of the guy who used to form grassroot letter writing campaigns to get things produced and I'm taken aback and amazed. Somehow those old pages in the back of toy and video game magazines don't seem so archaic.

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