Friday, February 16, 2018

Go Go Hassenfeld Bros!

As Toy Fair begins rearing it's mighty head and roaring out news, one of the first bits of information was when it was revealed last night that Saban and Bandai of America have parted ways. Many speculated as to who would take over producing Power Rangers toys, and there was plenty of evidence that it could be Hasbro. By this morning it was revealed, Hasbro is INDEED taking over the Power Rangers brand. Not only in toys, but the possibility of Hasbro BUYING Power Rangers from Saban is a reality that could happen as soon as next year. Right now Bandai of America will be producing PR toys until April 2019 when their contracts expire and Hasbo's products begin rolling out. If Hasbro does indeed buy Power Rangers, I see this as a good thing.

Hasbro has a good record with taking Japanese assets and making a much more successful property with it (hello, Transformers). Not to mention, they make good toys. Power Rangers is an ideal fit for Hasbro. Now I wonder how this would effect my beloved Imaginext Rangers, but thinking if it did go to Playschool, there probably would be a more expansive selection of toys to choose from. I could easily see Zeo, Dino Charge, or whatever appear in the selections.

In the end, I'm excited about this development. I know some people have a grudge against Hasbro for whatever reason, but I don't. They've been steadily selling me toys for my entire life, obviously I like what they do.

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