Friday, January 12, 2018

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Japanese promo

Now this is different. I knew some Power Rangers was dubbed in Japanese and broadcast in Japan, which I always thought was funny. I mean, generally a Power Rangers series takes footage from a series of Super Sentai and inserts American scenes. Usually Power Rangers is not very far behind Super Sentai, so whenever the Japanese version of a Power Rangers show would air, a good chunk of the episode had already been seen by viewers a year or so prior. Well, Power Ranger movies are usually completely original productions, so I got to wonder how well they're received over there by fans.

I mean, think about it. Saban commissioned new Zyuranger footage for use in Power Rangers. The 1995 movie had Zords based on Kakuranger. Turbo, using Carranger costumes and Zords. Then 2017 movie? All new suits and designs based on Zyuranger.

I'm sure there's some big toku fan who'd tell me how it was revived over there, but I'm more curious about the average person in Japan who may not get to invested in shows past average viewing.

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