Monday, March 6, 2017

Dino Bravery

Giant guns always improve robot dinosaurs.
I'm not going to lie, I didn't pay much attention to Dino Charge like I should have. After Megaforce ended I somehow never watched. I don't have much of an explanation, I thought it looked neat and as it went into Super Charge I took notice, but once again it largely passed me by. I did take notice of the Megazord toys, and thought they were great. As Ninja Steel began it's media push, I just went ahead and made a point to not let it slip by. I thought it looked neat, and didn't want to regret missing it.

So news of the new South Korean series Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, which is meant to be a sequel to the Super Sentai show Dino Force is based on, was posted last week to the various kaiju/toku sites/groups I follow. I'm not going to lie, it caught me off guard. Probably because of the use of Brave in the title, and the reworking of the Rangers and Megazord. It looks great, really great. The Dinoforce Megazord was already a good looking robot, but in the new white and red color schemes, and with new weapons like the chain gun and chainsaw sword. It really pops.

I'm hoping dubs of the short format show (15 minute episodes) will be easily available. I generally just watch clips of the Japanese shows as I'm not into torrenting (which seems to be the most accessible way to get the dubbed episodes) and as I've mentioned before, I like Power Rangers just fine as is. So, it's really enough for me.

What these clips have more importantly done is. They've turned up my desire to watch Dino Charge finally, and oh hey... that's right, it's on Netflix. So, thinking I'm going to start that pretty soon. I've been regretting not watching it and letting it slip by. Though I suppose there's plenty of time to make up for that now. I still regularly see that Megazord on shelves, think I should get it while I still can. It looks great and well...

I think I need it.

*edit* I binge watched Dino Charge shortly after writing this post. OMG it's amazing.

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