Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ninjas have particular steel

That would make a great Trapper Keeper.

The new Power Rangers show, Ninja Steel, is starting soon and I'm pretty excited for it. I've always been pretty casual fan of Power Rangers, but this one has me stoked. I've always been a fan of Godzilla and other giant monsters in movies. It wasn't until much later in life I learned the word kaiju, but damn I knew I loved them. Fortunately, TBS showed one practically every Saturday afternoon hosted by Grandpa Munster.

As I got older, USA started showing Dynaman late Friday nights. They dubbed the show with hilarious comedy and I loved it. Then a few years later, Ultraman started showing on local channels in the afternoon. By the time I was in high school and Power Rangers started, I knew I liked this kind of show that was like Godzilla. So, I watched Power Rangers every afternoon after school and eventually VR Troopers and Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad joined my viewing. I watched Power Rangers regularly up until the end of Power Rangers Zeo.

That was pretty much when it became a show I watched when it was on and I was in front of a tv, versus make time out for every day. I've pretty much been like that with Power Rangers and similar shows since then, if it's on when I'm watching TV, I'm watching. So, I fairly admit to being a pretty casual fan. I know of it's Japanese origins and have watched some of different toku shows in subtitles, but I just like good old cheesy Power Rangers. Regularly older episodes of different Power Rangers shows and similar shows would be on my cables in demand menu, so I'd watch them.

This past summer I finally became a regular Netflix user. Before I'd off and on have a membership, but the wife and I decided to use the service more regularly and oh hey... pretty much all those shows were now available all the time. So, my usual Saturday night routine of watching tv while working on a 6 pack of beer, has became watch old episodes of Power Rangers while I work on a 6 pack of beer.

I've bought toys from these shows off and on. Not a lot, just a few. I just enjoy watching the shows. Ok, I've pretty much gotten all the Imaginext Power Rangers, but can you blame me? They're awesome.

So when the various adverts for this new series starting soon popped up online, I was pretty interested. I like the way the show looks and dude, pretty much all the monsters are contestants on a intergalactic game show.  So I've decided to watch this one completely. Just like I used to, but instead of after school, it would be off my dvr instead of watching reruns of The Middle before work. I'm kinda looking forward to it. I like ninjas.

And there is no way I can't watch this little guy

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  1. While reading this blog, it made me took a trip down to memory lane. All of us have watched power ranger's in our childhood and some of us might still be watching it. Peeking into the childhood is the best feeling ever.


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