Welcome to Zone Base

Zone Base is Adventures in Transformers and other strangeness. It's my blog/zine/fan site where I write about all the cool stuff I'm interested in and share it with the world. Obviously Transformers has the most focus as it's my biggest fandom and most dominate hobby. I do occasionally post about Star Wars, GI JOE, Kaiju/toku, or really anything that I like that I'd like to write about as well.

I have a weekly podcast called Being Awesome on the Radio Free Cybertron network. You might have heard me on RFC proper as well, as I'm part of the crew (though I'm mostly absent from the stuff you hear due to my work schedule). If you haven't already listened, go ahead and check it out. Chances are that if you like this site, you're probably sure to like my podcast.

I update as often as adult life allows, but you're sure to get the weekly spotlight posts every Wednesday highlighting a character bio in the Transformers universe. While the images used in those come from various places, the bio text almost always comes from my good friend Ant's site TFU.INFO .

I apologize ahead of time for my grammar.

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