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My name is Rob and this is my weird site about robots, monsters, and misadventure. I mainly focus on Transformers, Godzilla/Power Rangers/toku, Masters of the Universe, Paranormal/Scary Stuff/Halloween/Monsters, Video Games (usually retro), Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Horror and Sci Fi, and other related/similar things. I talk alot about toys. Action figures, sofubi, keshi, blind bags/boxes, and mini figures mostly. It can be all over the map sometimes and maybe a little crazy. That's how I've heard it described anyway. I can't be anyone but myself and that's all you're getting when you read Zone Base. 

I apologize ahead of time for my grammar.



I can be contacted through this page as well as on Instagram and TikTok. While your there, I'd appreciate the likes and follows.

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