Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Unfortunately Convid-19 has pushed release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife from July 10th 2020 to March 5th 2021. I'm pretty disappointed as you could probably imagine, and honestly didn't think the virus would effect things in summer. But, with as many other things that have been pushed back and had their schedule's altered... 3 months away is pretty close to rev up the marketing push and everything else that would go into it's release.

That's not mentioning the actual production of the movie which likely isn't done yet (filming maybe, everything else...). Getting this pandemic under control is definitely more important, I'm just a little disappointed. That's all. Guess that just means I'll have another thing to be excited for next year!

Real Mechtech, Fake Linkin Park

I've got two things to admit. One, I'm a fan of Mechtech. Two, I'm not a fan of Linkin Park. While my opinion of a popular band doesn't have any impact of their success, thanks to their involvement in the live action movie soundtracks, there's a portion of Transformers history scored by them. That's fine, just because I don't enjoy a band doesn't mean I think others shouldn't.

It's funny, however, to see the influence used in a commercial for Transformers toys around the time the two were related. Not just for the novelty that makes me enjoy it so much though. One of the reasons I enjoy watching old commercials so much is that their a snapshot of a time that has passed. Dark of the Moon came out almost 9 years ago, which is that weird time frame for these types of things. Often I've found that the 2000's are regarded to not have much of a personality of their own. Which just isn't true. My generation's just getting old and we're not as hip as we'd like to think we are. This wasn't an uncommon music type for the time.

Mechtech though... that was pretty unpopular with a large portion of the fandom. For the life of me I'll never understand why either. Sure, here goes the 'you like everything' response I typically get... which just baffles me. I mean, it's my hobby, I'm not spending time on things I don't like. If you don't hear me say anything about something... duh.

Mechtech to me was a neat gimmick. Move lever on a gun and WHAMMO! Now it's a chainsaw. Overkill? Yeah, maybe, but Transformers has never been known for it's subtleness. It made for a cool toy accessory too. I was pretty fond of DOTM as well as it's toy line. So maybe my opinion might be a little skewed toward favorable on it... but this isn't a site about shit I don't like. Duh.

Monday, March 30, 2020

I Was 42 And The World Was In Flames

Today was my birthday, so I hope you all don't mind me being slack on getting something posted so late. Since it was on a Monday, my wife had me a little celebration on Saturday. My mom came over and I spent the morning... sleeping because I work at night, but early afternoon opening the great presents they got me. Transformers, Kaiju, spooky shit, a brand new grill (woo!), a super retrocade, cold hard cash/gifcards, and more!

Spoiling me rotten included take out (can't actually dine in anywhere due to covid-19) from Red Robin (I love Red Robin) and some great cup cakes made by the Mrs. It was a great day followed by a Sunday of watching Tales from the Darkside. Monday, my actual birthday was intended to be spent playing my new copy of Link's Awakening but got side tracked with a small dental emergency. What a day. Thanks everyone for reading Zone Base, and fair warning, you've got two months until Spooky Summer/Halloween starts, and I've been busy cultivating since January. Spoiler Warning: There's some messed up crap coming.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Commandrons Will Keep You Up At Night

These day's I can't even get a milkshake from McDonald's, let alone more than one ketchup packet for my large order of fries. I don't know what's going on over there... but I hardly go any more. Though back in the day it was a pretty awesome place. It's be pretty great to get a new set of Commandrons from Mc'D's... yeah, among other things.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Night Frights- Halloween Saftey (1977)

Time for another Friday Night Frights here on the Base! It seems like everywhere I look these days there's all sorts of safety tips ad guidelines for the world we live in. I find myself walking around in a mask, not going inside stranger's homes, not eating unwrapped snacks, not... Did I somehow wish us into a early Halloween? No, sadly no. Halloween is awesome and fun, what's going on right now sucks. Hopefully all will be somewhat back to normal by fall (or I'm going to the corona's house and kicking it's ass). Because Halloween is awesome and fun... which we all could use some of that right now.

Terrorcons And Technobots Down Under

The Australian version of this commercial is pretty much the same as the American one. Aside from the voice over. Which sounds like the voice over for a local supermarket.

From Planet X With Love

I don't know what it is about my birthday that makes me focus on Ghidorah so much. But it's a few days away from it and guess who's on my mind yet again. It's funny though. I strongly recall as a child not caring for Ghidorah at all. Whenever Grandpa Munster would show a Godzilla movie on Super Scary Saturdays, I'd be absolutely ecstatic (as you could imagine). But if Ghidorah was on it... yeah I'd watch it, but man I was so unimpressed with ole' Monster Zero.

At some point my opinion changed completely and now I get so damn excited to see him. Last year, my mother spent the weekend with us and my wife took me to Fun Spot for my birthday. It was a fun day. Before we left, the Mrs. had me open my presents and in my Mom's grand fashion, she gave me money in a gift card. Though this time, good ole' Ghidorah was holding the card. She don't even know his name, just that gold dragon I like.

Earlier today I finally began playing with my new Godbeast Monster 0 DX set (it's been a hard week). While I initially assembled the various members, I started working on the combined Monster 0 (Ghidorah homage) and just the memories came to me. Getting Starfox for my SNES in 9th grade and only stopping playing to watch Invasion of Astro-Monster. Badly drawing Ghidorah fighting Optimus Prime while waiting for school to be over so I could get treated to Pizza Hut.

I sure do put a lot of extra focus on Ghidorah this time of year... and I have no clue why. Of course how could I not think about a giant golden dragon from space that breathes lightening bolts? That's all year thinking right there.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Don't Leave The House!

Another day of being stuck indoors. Time to turn the Genesis Mini and... there's that noise again. What the hell is that?


Bludgeon And His Creepy Looking Ass

Like Repugnus yesterday, I got Bludgeon a month ago... but I'm like doing a thing here. Bludgeon is a Transformers Cyberverse Turbo Changer that 100% proves everything I've been saying about these toys. Pure old school super robot toy with a simple gimmick transformation. I had noted Repurnus needs a gun, since he could hold one. Bludgeon's known for his sword, and comes with one that he can hold! A Turbo Changer that comes with a traditional weapon!

Turbo Changers lately have been coming with an additional play gimmick and Bludgeon technically does as well. If holding the sword in his left hand, you can activate his WHIRLWIND SLASH! Basically, You spin his hand right round, baby. Right round like a box fan, baby. Right round round round. Transformation is turbo changing by pushing/pulling his legs and adjusting them arms. The sword stows between the tank turrets. Or you can stick it in one of the barrel for some wacky ammunition. Imagine getting a sword shot out of a cannon at you. Bludgeon really wants you dead, specifically by sword. Dammit Bludgeon, calm the fuck down.

Bludgeon is just the toy to fiddle with while you watch tv or ... what was that? Ya'll here something? Looking at Bludgeons skeleton face for so long can give you the creeps huh... wait... Ok, maybe I've spent to much time isolated in the house but... I swear I hear something.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wonder Boy V-Monster World III On Your Locked In Day

Looks like another day locked up inside, good thing you've got that Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini with all your Turbo Changer Transformers next to it to keep you occupied. A great game loaded on the System is Wonder Boy V- Monster World III. There's like a million Wonder Boy games and Monster World is a series within a series type of thing. 

Yes it's confusing.

Once you get past the naming structure, you're sure to find one hell of a great game. A hybrid action platformer/rpg with bright charming characters. The game starts out simple and the difficulty gradually increases as you go. Thankfully the Mini has built in saves, but I recommend you keeping a pad of paper nearby. There's several ocarina (Wonder Boy rocked one before Link y'all) songs you'll have to find and play at points. I'd make a point to not stick the notepad near your beverage.

Repugnus And His Gruesome Chomp

I had gotten Repugnus last month, but since I talked Whirl yesterday... I thought I'd just follow his lead. Repugnus is a damn treat. As you can see above in his monster mode... he's just adorable and wants to give you a hug. His clawed arms are decently articulated and by pushing the lever behind his head, you'll get a GRUESOME CHOMP! What the hell is that? It's his play feature frankly, but also it means those two tusks on the side of his mouth close.

As the norm for a Turbo Changer, transformation is simple making Repugnus's robot mode unfold from the monster form. He looks like his G1 toy quite a bit here, just a bit smaller. The arm articulation carries over here and it's a shame Repugnus doesn't have a gun or anything as he sure could pack one. He's a simple bot and that's part of where the fun is. With Turbo Changers the aneurysm from a piece of kibble blocking a basic joint needed is gone.

Simple is not a bad thing as he's chock full of character and charm. This is a cool toy and would fit right on in next to Whirl by your Genesis Mini while you work through that game of Streets of Rage 2. Perfect for fiddling with during a needed break after a drink from that ice cold beverage slowly saturating everything around it with moisture form the melting ice. Damn man, turn a fan on or something.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Landstalker While Inside

You're spending a lot of time at home these days. Maybe more time than you're accustomed too. Might I suggest a Genesis/Mega Drive Mini to pass the time away? Not only is it a glorious celebration to one of gaming's finest systems, but has some pretty great ways to spend some time with. Landstalker is an excellent adventure game with RPG elements as well as some platforming action. Get started on this bad boy, fix yourself a nice frosty beverage, and just spend the time inside on an epic adventure.

Whirl And His Turbo Talon

While out getting groceries, I was fortunate to stumble upon the new Turbo Changer Whirl. I had been looking forward to getting this toy and after Shawn showed me his, definitely wanted to pick one up. I don't know if Whirl will get any other size class release in Cyberverse (aside from a Tiny Turbo Changer), but honestly am pretty happy with this one. Every positive thing I've been saying about Turbo Changers in Cyberverse is true with Whirl. Very old school style super robot toy, in a  small easy to transform figure. I love the blue colors used. Sure, it's traditional Whirl colors... but they look great.

Whirl turns into a helicopter as usual. I'm honestly surprised just how much he looks like his old Dorvack roots while still being a new toy. Transformation is done by moving the cockpit down and adjusting the parts, in reverse for helicopter mode. His right arm is molded to portray one of Whirl's classic hand mounted guns, while the left has his tried and true claws. This is where the Turbo Talon gimmick comes in with a lever allowing you to open and close said claw. I'm not sure what makes this a Turbo Talon, but I guess it's a better name than 'move switch talon'.

Whirl is pretty simple, what you see is what you get. Though as Shawn pointed out, it's nice how his helicopter blades lock in place in robot mode onto the tail end of that copter. He's a good figure to fiddle with while watching TV or stand next to your Genesis Mini during a game of Land Crusader. Part of me wishes somebody would turn the toy into a Pretender. I want to believe it could compactly fit into a shell. I do believe it could. I uh... somebody do that... k?

Monday, March 23, 2020

We Had Our Own Damn Con

I don't have to tell you all what's going on right now, we all know, we all want it to be over. It is what it is. Of course a lot of conventions were canceled, relating specifically to Zone Base, Toylanta. This is where you're used to see  'in these uncertain times' , but instead, Shawn and I went to Mellow Mushroom and had our own damn con. *edit* At the time, it was supposedly ok to eat at restaurants that were open for dining in. This wasn't a large gathering, diners were spaced several tables away from each other as well.*

Shawn created exclusives for the event of two six feet away from others eating. Battlemasters Gunspring and Hammerdown made from parts swapped Battlemasters. Rung, because we all need a little help after a week of isolation. And a Huddle House Stripper, his name is Chad. Shawn also brought me a Playmobil horse for my Headless Horseman. Now he can ride into to town for take-out.

We ate and chatted for hours about random toys and stuff. I had the Pacific Rim pizza... because duh. Shawn opted for a mushroom based pizza because he had to fight Bowser later in the evening.

After a while we went to Walmart, which was about 2 miles away and still open. It was there we stood in the action figure aisle discussing the various figures on shelves for hours. As there's a pandemic going on, the store closed early and we continued in the parking lot before heading home.

From Stompers to Star Wars and every Transformer in between, our con was the coolest place in town. Thanks to Shawn for coming out and creating the awesome exclusives and to Mellow Mushroom for being open (really thought we were to get drive through and eat in a parking lot). Aside from the various teenagers filming Tik Tok videos we were the coolest... In hindsight, maybe we should have made one.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Bios- Optimus Prime

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

Optimus Prime is the largest, strongest and wisest of all Autobots. Feels his role is the protection of all life, including Earth-life. Fights unceasingly to defeat the Decepticons. Splits into three autonomous modules: 1) Optimus Prime... the brain center known as the Commander; 2) Roller, the Autobot scout car... a spy who operates up to 1200 miles away; and 3) Autobot Headquarters... the combat deck equipped with a versatile mechanic/artillery robot. Injury to one module is felt by the other two.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Night Frights- The Boogieman Cometh

It's time for another Friday Night Frights here on the Base! A little over a week ago, I figured I'd be a Toylanta and doing the annual big ole' con update post and forgo the weekly spooky shit. Things changed and I'm at my desk buried in work. Lot's of things have changed over the past few days, but you know what never changes? The Boogieman.

When I was a kid I was told the Boogieman would visit me at night if I lied. In the Ghostbusters cartoon above, he scared Egon as a child. This episode scared the hell out of a generation when they were children. It's just a little mind blowing just how crazy this show got for a Saturday morning cartoon. The Real Ghostbusters was serious business... and man the Boogieman is some seriously spooky shit.

Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy S2 Premieres Sat. 3/21

On Saturday, March 21 at 9a/8c Discovery Family premieres the second season of the hit TRANSFORMERS animated series, RESCUE BOTS ACADEMY. Starting Saturday, new 11-minute episodes of the series will stream live on Discovery Family GO and will also be available on demand the following day.

TRANSFORMERS: RESCUE BOTS ACADEMY season two, Hot Shot, Whirl, Medix and the rest of the Rescue Bots Academy team are back to take on bigger missions – and this time partnering with their teachers Optimus Prime, Heatwave, Chase and Boulder! These first-class heroes are graduating to adventures beyond what their school training has taught them, and the lessons and fun will continue as the former recruits perform their rescue missions in their all new alt modes!

Thanks to Rogers & Cowan for providing Zone Base readers with this awesome news!

Prime Quality Promo

Man, that's a great transfer. It's weird, no matter how many times I've seen the movie. Regardless of how many odd alternate versions of the trailer or other commercials... I'm always there for something like this.


Adding to TokuShoutSu launching earlier this week, Toei sprung news of their new YouTube channel featuring classic series with subtitles launching April 6th! Of the shows listed to be included, I'm most interested in various Space Sheriff and Super Sentai shows, but will be glad to take the opportunity to explore Kamen Rider and other series I haven't watched as much. I see this and TokuShoutSu working well together. YouTube would be on demand, while Pluto TV is streaming. Sometimes I just have the tv on in the background or sometimes want to watch something more specific. It's just more great news for someone who likes these silly old shows. Which I do... and I'm sure you probably do also.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Bios- Springer

Strength is more than physical.
A wise-cracking, sharp witted adventurer. Powerful Autobot fighter with a massive physique and an easy-going manner. Possesses incredible "springing" power in his legs. Travels long distances with pogo-like motion. In robot Mode, carries a laser that produces giant wind tunnels. Helicopter blade transforms into a light saber that can cut through concrete. Optimistic and good humored.

Green Harold And My Basement

It's a day for dreaming here on the Base I guess. I had prior posted this story on the former additional hidden blog here on the site. None of you ever saw it. So I thought I'd retell it here. What's that? Never mind, I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe click around at random sometime, things may happen. You saw nothing.

Anyway, while I've mentioned moving here before... it's been something I've been trying to do for a few years now and just man... Well, last summer I dreamt I had finally bought a house. It was an older house, but a very big house. Moving is an ordeal and my wife and I were calling it a night after a long day. She and my mother rode back to our old place in our car while I locked up and drove the U-Haul back. In a moment of pride, I took a tour of the house. Looking downstairs in the basement and just man, it was a big basement. Multiple rooms, halls, and as I turned the corner... there was Harold the Yeti. From The Matterhorn Bobsleds. Pre-update.

Harold roared and chased me. I should mention Harold was green while he's normally white. And had horns. Basically it was a bootlegged Harold, probably from Six Flags or something. Still though, Green Harold was in my basement, and he was chasing me. We ran up and down the halls. Holy crap, how big is my basement? After a few minutes, I decided to fight back. So I turned around and shot him with my Specium Ray. It took a few hits, but Green Harold fell down defeated and probably dead. Here's a reenactment.

Dokken- In My Dreams

I guess today just has a theme or something.

Colossal Rubber Tussle

I'm sure we all have a lot on our minds right now. Me, I've got the obvious things we've dealing with as well as preparing for our move in the summer. That's not the best introduction to this post, but I'm not afraid to admit it. I was dreaming about being quarantined in our new place and organizing M.U.S.C.L.E toys. Honestly it's the kind of this I'd do normally.

So, there I was, setting up the new Zone Base headquarters and decided it was time to hold a giant wrestling event with my toys. A real life issue is my childhood M.U.S.C.L.E toys are in various forms of storage at my Mom's house. Real talk, most have probably evaporated in that parents house wormhole that eats things. My 2000's Ultimate M.U.S.C.L.E figures are all sorts of assorted throughout multiple boxed next to most of my Microman toys. My current ones are readily handy as well as multiple other keshi lines.

I traveled to the local Dollar Tree to pick up a good $10 worth of those tiny crappy wrestling rings they usually have with el cheapo jobbers included. For the record, I was taking advantage of all current wrestling events being filmed without audiences. Clearly I have cats and Vince McMahon doesn't. Also my event was streamed on Instagram, completely free like this site. So hey, if you like what I do, please share, it's all I ask.

So I divided my teams up. Universal Monsters, The Worst, WWE, Transformers (Beast Wars and G1), Peanuts, Star Wars, etc. I set up a ranking system based on a very crucial formula (which ever I grabbed first). One of my many tablets served as the titan tron and in the crowd... my fish. I think he was awake. Play that 'click, click, boom' song, it was on. And by on I mean I woke up having to pee another ocean. In my defense, if they sold Surge in normal sized cans at the gas station... I'd still get the tall boy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Gun Robo Violence

There's something about a small boy straight up pulling a gun out like that. Though, I I saw an Acrosatan out in the wild, I might do the same. Fortunately that's not ordinary gun, that's a Gun Robo M-1910. In Transformers the mold got used for Browning in Masterforce. I remember for a while there was a rumor going around that M-1910 was considered for Megatron instead of the Walther P-38. I would have liked that better, I've always thought it was a better toy.

Kaitō Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Happy Meal

You kids need to settle down. 

Settle down.

Roboka Battle With Takara Bots!

This is the kind of thing I'd love to have available in my local area. The Roboka Battle Card Game is an arcade card battle game of the type that's pretty common in Japan. While I'm not sure how much I'd play the game (I like to mash buttons), I'd love the chance to buy the game cards and tie in toys. Who knows, maybe I'd like the game too.


The game features characters from Transformers Cyberverse, Shinkalion, and Earth Granner. Whenever companies do these types of crossovers I generally enjoy it. The fictional reasoning isn't always the best and often made even worse by fan resources, it can be pretty fun to pit characters who normally don't interact against one another.

The oddball cards are the kind of thing I'd love to find at older BotCons. It's definitely a plus seeing the Cyberverse characters in a video game, even if it's one I'll never likely play. I just caught up on my DVR recorded episodes of Cyberverse and man I hate that this is the last season. It's just a fun show. Though I'm going to do my best to enjoy it while it's around and things like this is great. I'd really like to experience Earth Granner a little more. It's pretty neat looking and seemingly a follow up to Drive Head. Takara just does things I like, know what I mean?

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Bios- Powerpinch

Despite his long body length and the giant pincher claws he drags behind him, Powerpinch is surprisingly fast; six speedy legs power him forward over almost any obstacle. His greatest assets are the powerful pincher claws that are strong enough to sever most enemies in half. And as all Maximals know, those pincher claws are as dangerous in insect for as they are when he converts to robot mode, which is why they never underestimate the ferocity of this truly evil insect.

An Arabic Haunted House


TokuSHOUTsu Starts Now!

It's midnight here in Georgia as I'm posting this, I'm not sure about where you're at, but work with me here. Shout Factory and Pluto TV's brand new all Tokusatsu channel (681) launches at 12am Tuesday March 17th! Following up on Shout Factory making Kamen Rider available for streaming on Tubi (after last weeks early launch), now fans can enjoy crazy monsters and super heroes fight it out as easy as looking at their phones to pass the time. It's pretty awesome. I hope to see more crazy cool shows and movies join the line up in the future, but for now, I'm pretty happy with the launch line up.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Biohazard: The Real 3

So maybe the timing of using this commercial isn't the best, but considering we're all making the jokes... So far the virus pandemic has canceled a LOT of things for a few weeks. Toylanta was canceled among other things. I know my updates from it are usually a pretty popular, and I'm pretty disappointed. It's best to be safe while things get under control though.

I've been utilizing online services such as mobile app ordering and taking most food home and shopping online mainly for years now. That habit seems to be the way to go for a while and with the move to streaming services for media (I've been seeing news of movie studios offering major motion pictures to in demand services) fortunately we live in a world ready for such a situation. I hope all of you reading this are ok and continue to do so. Follow the guidelines being put out by your local governments, wash your hands and stay on top of those things. A little personal responsibility can go a long way.

Be nice to each other. There's a lot of scared people out these and that trip to the grocery store could prove stressful. I went out to stock up Saturday unaware if my grocery pick up would be available or what would even be in stock. People were generally friendly and patient with each other and that was nice. That's how we'll get though this. Thanks each and every one of you for reading Zone Base. I'd be honored if you shared the site with others to help them pass the time. I know my site isn't the greatest, and I don't make anything from it. But if one of my bad jokes about an old robot toy helps pass the time, then I've done my job.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Bios- Transmetal Waspinator

After the quantum surge, Waspinator became a meched-out, armored wasp with the ability to change into a fighter-jet as well as a bio-genetically-enhanced robot. His personality, however, did not change much; he's still high-tempered, aggressive, and dangerous when angered. Only now Waspinator is faster, armed with a toxic stinger and more driven in his mission to wipe out the Maximals forever!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday The 13th Kabuto Mushi DX Sets Now On Sale

My main man The Godbeast has some really awesome sets available for a great Friday the 13th surprise! Super DX Monster 0 is a cool bunch of figures and parts for a combining Ghidorah homage! Super DX Ray Mushi takes Kabuto Mushi and adds tons of parts making one sweet Shogun Warrior homage!

Friday Night Frights- The Scooby-Doo Project

It's Friday Night and you know what that means? Another Friday Night Frights here on the base! Seeing as it's not just any other Friday... but like the 13th man... let's do something groovy. Back in 1999 The Blair Witch Project was everywhere, it was a huge hit which inspired The Scooby-Doo Project. A series of shorts shown in between episodes of the Halloween Night Scooby-Doo marathon. Scooby-Doo has been a pleasant surprise source of spooky shit so far in 2020 and really fells kinda appropriate today.

Bios- Stinkbomb

Nine-tenths of the battle is fought within the imagination
A strategic specialist, Stinkbomb is fascinated with the study of Predaconial psychology. Understands the power-driven Predacon mindset and delights in manipulating it to Maximal advantage. Once taunted for his unpleasant odor, Stinkbomb's sharp wit cunning tactics and dangerous intelligence quickly earned the respect of his colleagues. Regarded by Optimal Optimus as a valued advisor and fierce warrior. Relies on serrated tail for close range combat. Photon emitters in optical sensors project hypnotic light spectrum capable of lulling enemies. Foul chemical spray causes temporary paralysis-nasty odor remains for weeks unless victim bathes in tomato juice.

Ted From Friday The 13th Part 2 Went On To Live A Normal Life

It's Friday the 13th! If you're superstitious, this is a very unlucky day! If you're at summer camp, you're probably gonna get murdered. Though for the rest of the world, it's a little mini-Halloween that randomly pops up during the year! There's probably a horror marathon or two on TV tonight. A bunch of Jason Vorhees memes getting shared on Facebook. Just a little spooky fun inserted into your routine. Did I say a mini-Halloween? You're damn right I'm running with it.

Friday the 13th part 2 is probably one of the better entries in the series. As a direct sequel to the original movie, it continues the story and keeps the same general vibe. It takes what made the original good and adds to it. One of the more cool aspects of this part is... several counselors live. I know, I know, but here me out. Jason (whom is somehow alive now because I guess) is killing attendees of a counselor training camp being held across the lake from the now closed Camp Blood Crystal Lake.

The camp has quite a few attendees as during the time summer camps were big business. So, the head honcho takes the group out for a night of fun before the hard work begins. Well, he takes out those who want to go out that is. The rest stay at camp and that's where the bulk of the murder happens. Aside from said head honcho and main girl who return to face Jason, the rest just stay and don't get killed horribly. One survivor is camp prankster Ted... who you pretty much wanted to see die.

Now, what happened to the survivors after? Well, they got off pretty lucky. Not only did they survive, but they didn't have the ordeal whatsoever. They just found out what happened the next day. Horrible sure, but you don't go Laurie Strode crazy after finding out some people you just met died while you were at Applebee's. Wait... Laurie Strode... mini-Halloween?

What we have here is a Halmark Halloween commercial from the late 80's. I'd give an exact year, but they reused it for awhile. This version with an added spooky sounds tape bit added on is from 1989, which is like eight years after the movie took place. I chose the picture above of Ted to help you all out, but if you didn't notice at around :25 there he is rocking a 'this is my costume' shirt. Not only did Ted survive getting killed in a slasher movie, but he chose to wear one of those shirts on Halloween. Because, he's funny, get it?

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bios- Beast Wars Rampage

The result of an experiment gone awry, Rampage is an evil titan devoid of mercy. Calculating and fearsome, he is a legend among Cybertrons, and it is rumored that his spark cannot be extinguished. In king crab mode Rampage uses his hulking claws to generate colossal tidal waves, induce earthquakes, and trigger landslides. Though his bulk hinders his overall dexterity, Rampage makes good use of his impenetrable armor and multi-weapons arsenal in crab, tank, and robot modes. Galva-conductors on his back channel deadly electric currents that he disperses at will. Rampage customarily activates his gatling cannon to finish off his enemies in a deluge of cluster missiles. All Cybertrons fear his unmatched aggression.

Rio Blast Loves Shootin Varmits

One of the best and most enduring things about Masters of the Universe is just how freaking weird it is. Eternia is a world full of science and sorcery, lasers and swords, palaces and haunted caves, living Halloween decorations and musclemen. It's truly a hodgepodge of everything I've ever drawn on a spiral notebook. It's no wonder that He-Man has a cyborg cowboy friend. I mean... why not?

And he makes a mean barbecue
Rio Blast is a cyborg cowboy, like I said above. He has various laser guns that fold out of his thighs, quick drawing from his wrists, and a full over the head unit with cannons. Effectively turning him into a walking tank when he transforms. It's a little crazy and maybe a bit overkill, but if I was faced with the walking horror shows that populate Eternia... I'd probably point every single gun I could at them as well.


While the designers at Mattel were coming up with various characters, a villain character named Firepower Man was conceptualized. The character found his way to Filmation and became a member of The Evil Horde named Colonel Blast on an episode of She-Ra. By the time the concept reached actual toy though, he was turned into Rio Blast. Somehow.

And we're all a little better for it
That's a weird journey from concept to creation, but part of why these things are so neat. Like... Rio Blast's only cartoon appearance was another guy. Weird huh? Either way, he's a cool toy and a cool character. Everybody loves a good cowboy and what a better way to insert one into Etenria than outright overkill?

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Goonies Famicom/MSX

Hammerbyte Is Pretty Jawesome

One of the new Cyberverse toys I've been looking forward to the most would be Hammerbyte. A new character in Transformers is a rarity these days, but it doesn't hurt that he's pretty dang neat too. Like all of Cyberverse, Hammerbyte is firmly rooted in old school super robot style. He really feels like a left over design from another line. His sculpting makes me think of an Energon figure. Maybe a little smaller and he'd fit right on in with the Ominicons.

Hammerbyte is a Cyberverse warrior class toy though and like others in that class he features an action feature. His is the 'Rip Thrash' which not only sounds like a Street Sharks character, but results in making him look like one as well. To activate it, you twist his left arm and CHOMP! The sharks head (which is his backpack) snaps forward combining with the shark tooth necklace on his chest. Now Hammerbyte is ready to bite your head off! It's pretty silly and I can't imagine anyone not getting a laugh out of it. Unless you're an asshole.

By now I probably don't have to tell you Hammerbyte turns into a hammerhead shark. Unless he was a car that just happened to have a sharks head hidden in it's trunk to use as a weapon and now I really want a toy of that. If you have an aversion to Beast Wars style animal alt modes, you'll be glad to learn that his is a mechanical shark mode. While I love Beast Wars, it's hard not to appreciate just how good those hard angles and robotic bits look on that shark. The shark tooth necklace from his robot mode is a bit of fake kibble as the jaws are actually contained in his shark head. They fold away completely helping the illusion a bite.

If you can't tell from what I've said here or the pictures used (check out our Easter decorations y'all), I really like this toy. His robot mode is chock full of character with the crown and prior mentioned shark tooth necklace. If anything I wish he had a trident or a harpoon gun. All those various shades of blue transfer into one super pretty toy shark. It was cool getting a new character and even better that his toy was so good. He's just nice, you know? Nice things are nice.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

King Kong 2: Ikari No Megaton Punch

Salamander Starscream

Since the new season of Transformers Cyberverse taking place on Cybertron, Starscream and the other characters are given new Cybertronian forms. In a breath of fesh air, Hasbro opted to do something new for Starscream and his seekers. Instead of the standard tetra jet Cybertronian mode, they went for a Vic Viper inspired look. This couldn't come at a better time as between various mini consoles and the Switch online service, the Gradius games have been getting some recent exposure. Even without the Konami connection, I really think this looks great.

In robot mode however, Starscream is pretty much what you'd expect. I initially thought he'd be a retool of the prior seeker warrior class mold and was glad to be wrong. This is a much better toy with more articulation. Not enough to roll in a ball or whatever articulation fans might want, but decidedly more than the first warrior had. In fact he's in a sitting position within the packaging, which was pretty funny once I noticed it.

Warrior class toys in Cyberverse have an action feature and Starscream's is the awesomely named 'Starseeker Missile' playing off the standard null ray guns/missiles you get with practically every seeker toy. Moving the Vic Viper cockpit on the backpack springs them forward as if they were firing straight forward. The missiles are mounted on the wings, so it doesn't block his arms. As far as action features go, this one's ok enough. It doesn't interfere with the toy, so I can't complain.

However I had a hard time getting one to stay in it's non-deployed position. Resulting in each time moving the cockpit back and forth to get it to lock in. That wasn't the greatest. Spring loaded features that won't stay in place is a toy pet peeve of mine, so I can't say I was happy with that. Your mileage may vary though, this could very well be a figure to figure issue depending on various situations in manufacturing.

That's the one complaint I have in a pretty good figure. I get my Cyberverse warrior toys for $11 and for that amount of money am really happy with this toy. It's a big improvement from the prior warrior class seeker mold and with the Vic Viper homage, I might be persuaded to buy other seekers based on the toy mold. Meaning I probably will.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Salamander Famicom

Between the Turbograpx 16 Mini (currently delayed thanks to the coronavirus) and the new Cyberverse Starscream toy, I've been on a Vic Viper kick lately. It's not a bad thing to be on though as it's been inspiring me to look into various Gradius related media. Such a good game series that I'm horrible at.

Transform Squadron 19- I've Got All The Hand Sanitizer

Listen Now!

This month Rob discusses Playmobil Scooby Doo blind bag figures and the OTFCC Alpha and Omega Spears. Well that and he drifts on and off subject like a million times. Things happen.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Bios- Action Master Devastator

Thinking and winning do not mix.
Awesome and terrifying! Programmed for the sole purpose of crushing everything in his path. He is the embodiment of a life form which takes full advantage of his enemies' weaknesses and uses them for their destruction. His ferocious partner, Scorpulator, conducts attacks without reason and warning, ripping his victims to scrap metal with his razor sharp claws. Scorpulator's tail shoots twin pulse laser beams. Changes into an acid spray gun.

Sasquatch Screams At Night

You'll need to turn your audio up a bit to hear this. According to the person making the video, at the time this was made Sasquatch sightings were rampant on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. While the sounds caught on video could be some animal howling out... they are pretty weird sounding and hard to place exactly what animal could be making them. Regardless of what is making all the ruckus, it'd be pretty scary to hear it at night. It's a weird world sometimes.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday Night Frights- Doggone Werewolf

It's Friday night, and you know what that means! Another edition of Friday Night Frights here on the Base. As a kid, I was a huge fan of werewolves. Especially in the third grade which is when this episode would have aired. I particularly thought Fangster was pretty awesome. He seemed like one of the more badass villains the Ghost Busters had to deal with. Even in his little green shortie shorts.

Bios- Rollout

The greater the weapon, the greater the power!
A super-charged fighting machine. Considered dangerous by his fellow Autobots because of his brash nature. Equipped with turbo backpack that can propel him to any position on the battlefield in seconds. Also equipped with electromagnetic rocket launcher that fires bursts of static electricity, shorting out enemy cerebral impulses. Launcher converts to Glitch, a short-burst, remote controlled, all terrain battle drone, armed with medium-range stun laser and photon gun. Often used for covert demolitions in battle.

The Evil Ass Horde

Despite his often displayed smile, He-Man had it pretty rough. At any moment he'd have to defend Eternia against Skeletor and his walking Halloween decoration army. Fortunately for He-Man they're pretty incompetent. The Evil horde though, not so much. The Halloween decoration comparison is one I usually make when talking about He-Man, and it's a pretty fair description. The satanic panic of the 80's and 90's often used Masters of the Universe as a talking point and it's not hard to see where they're coming from. Skull faced wizards and castles make for common scary stuff. Hordak and his crew turned the spooky shit up to 11.

From out of backward played heavy metal incantations to Eternia, The Evil Horde looked like walking nightmares available for sale at Walmart intended for children to play with. Walking nightmares for sale at Walmart intended for children to play with that live in a haunted cave. If the inspiration for Skeletor came from a prop in a haunted house, Hordak must have been inspired by a college ouija board session that went wrong.

One thing I've always admired about The Evil Horde is the bat symbol. Just this great symbol of unification among the members that not only signifies their allegiance, but looks cool as hell. There's also the gargoyle head crossbow that nearly every member comes with. I certainly appreciate the uniformity the group posses. As much variety each member brings, they all still rock the symbol and pack that crossbow. Even walking nightmares appreciate team solidarity.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Star Wars NES

I've been yearning to revisit the NES version of Star Wars for a while now. I've got a new copy of it to play thanks to my AtGames Star Flashback Blast!, just finding the time to play it hasn't been on my side. I've always vastly preferred the Super Star Wars games to the 8-bit Star Wars games, they're still pretty fun. I'm mentally taken back to those weekends spent with a rental copy of the game, one of those giant cans of Ecto Cooler, and a pizza. While that's still my preferred way to spend a weekend, they don't make those big ass cans of Hi-C anymore. Maybe I'll try to squeeze in one of those weekends soon. Man, that would be awesome.

unfortunately Darth Vader's transformations aren't in this version

Bios- Octopunch

Anything that can sink is worth sinking.
The terror of the deep. If he's not stealing sunken treasure or ancient artifacts, he amuses himself by smashing holes in submarines and cruise ships. Electrically-charged, razor-tipped harpoon gun momentarily short-circuits on contact. Also armed with vice-like tentacles that stick to any surface. So strong underwater that he can wrestle a whale to a standstill. Inner robot converts to metal-rending crab creature equipped with depth gauges, deep-sea radar and acetylene torch gun.