Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My aesthetic

I'm going to level with all of you.
I love this freaking cup and will always love this freaking cup.
It is perfection.

Cyberverse intro

I really enjoy the intro music to Cyberverse, as well as the intro. I don't mean to sound like a broken record... actually screw that. Negative bed wetters never mind sounding like a broken record, so why should I? I'm really looking forward to this show. It looks like a lot of fun so far and from the clips shown, like it might be *gasp* good. This past weekend, I was disappointed to not find any Cyberverse toys while I was out doing my weekly shopping. With all the sightings I've been seeing, I was sure I'd see a few. But, alas and woe is me I did not. I can't promise I'll cover every Cyberverse figure I get here (much as I don't write about the bulk of the toys I get I suppose), but I'm looking forward to talking about some of them here at least. Which I'll do as soon as I find some. Or at least a day or so later. Sometimes it takes me a minute to get around to that.

Big Blue Wonder

At Wonderfest this past weekend, Takara showed off the upcoming Encore Big Convoy figure. I'm pretty tempted to get him as he's in show accurate colors, but what I really want is that blue version in the picture. There was several versions of that mold already back then and even a few in the US. So far I've got the Korean version of the original. The Nemesis Prime version from Target, and the Ultra Mammoth from the TFCC a few years back (it was something I had wanted since beast era was going on). I hope the Encore blue version is easily obtainable because, seriously, when it's too hard to get something that's currently available. I don't want to bother. There's no reason for that anymore. Convention exclusive, well that's fair. But if it's just online in a second and sold out the next... well, I ain't playing. I'm 40 years old and have a fairly busy personal and professional life. I can't sit in front of a web store all day and refresh it every few seconds hoping to get a purchase in when it's available and before it sells out. I don't feel like being punished for being a functional adult and won't be. So, hopefully that blue version is not too hard to get, because I'd really like to get one.

This is one of my favorite molds, so obviously I'm tempted to get it again.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

Despite my best intentions to watch the newest installment of the Godzilla animated trilogy on it's Netflix release last weekend, I was just too busy and had to wait until this weekend. Bummer, but that's life. I had already read some brief spoilers from it Japanese release a few months earlier, but still was looking forward to seeing it for myself. Like with the first part, I enjoyed myself quite a bit.

The animated movies are a real slow burn and  heavy on the science fiction of the scenario, so don't expect a ton of action or a mindless explosion factory. Themes of humanity surviving an apocalyptic situation are still present here as well as the ever present technology vs humanity theme that's a mainstay of science fiction. I don't plan to spoil anything, so I'm purposely being vague about details.

I definitely dug the military scenes and equipment. Just like before, I felt as though I was watching a Diaclone adaption. The mech suits get an impressive upgrade and dammit I want Godzilla anime toys. There's Mecha Godzilla amd Godzilla stuff from the series, but a nice micro playset would be boss.

If you liked the first one, watch this one. Don't miss the post credits scene. Trust me.

Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad toy commercial

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Honestly, I'm getting more whoa

I was already interested in Cyberverse before, looking forward to the show, intend to get a few toys here and there. Though the past few days, I admit, I'm actually getting a little excited for it. Silly as it may be, but there's a lot of joy in this silly little line for me and I'm looking forward to enjoying it when I start finding it. Sure, I still don't plan on buying everything, but I'm leaning towards getting more now than I originally planned. I like the yellow and black packaging. I like the look of the designs. There's just a lot of life and freshness in this, despite being essentially a repackaged G1. Just a lot of energy and I freaking dig that (and flipping the bird at the same old same old negative whiny butts).

Cyberverse feels like it should be a game on my Super Nintendo made by Konami or Capcom, and that's a good thing in my book.

And this is my site, so it's kinda my book.

Transformers Crash Combiners Italia commercial

Friday, July 27, 2018

Well, that's neat

A rainy day collaboration was born. In Kochi Prefecture, "the Heisei Marine Assistance Corps Project"... /The participation of Transformers is determined!!! In order to liven up the \ Kochi Prefecture, the production of Collabocara and special PV, and the production of original Swords and the exhibition are carried out. /How did this happen!! \

W.A.S.P- Wild Child

Transformers Authentics Latino America commercial

You know, I had such a good time hunting the first batch down earlier this year, I really hope they make some new ones and I get to repeat that. It can be fun to hunt regular toys already, but something like these intended for discount chains that don't have the best distribution for toys, it can be a challenge. Not to mention, you can go into two Family Dollars just a few miles apart and feel like you've been in two different stores. One will be nice with recent merchandise and well kept, another can be a dumpster fire with a can of Chef Boyardi from 1994 still on the shelf. If it's during a holiday time frame, that can add into the equation more.

Not to mention, I like oddball things like this. I often snatch up cheap licensed stuff regularly, so a quirky line of low rent figures is just the thing. Some new molds or repaints of existing molds are just what I want. Maybe something like red repaints of Bumblebee into Cliffjumper, white repaints of Optimus into Ultra Magnus. Random 'stealth' versions of Megatron, obvious seeker repaints. Maybe a Trypticon made from the large Grimlock. Or hell, just versions of the characters in crazy colors. Actually, that'd be neat. They're so cheap, I wouldn't think twice in buying a hot pink Optimus.

Now if news sites would stop calling them Cyberverse or Evergreen.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Voltron season 7 trailer

The best damn robot show on TV returns August 10th!

Transformers Cyberverse commercial


I kinda want these more just from that tagline.

SSSS. Gridman trailer

I'm pretty excited for this.

Living on the Grid

The Gridman anime is set to debut soon with what looks to be cool stuff based on it and the original series. I'm really hoping to get one of these Zenon candy toys. The old Takara toy is just out of reach of what I'd like to pay, so I'm hoping these will be a fair price. Zenon is such a cool looking robot, and while I dig the mini PVC I have of him, a better figure of him would be great to own.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Cyberverse this fall on Cartoon Network

News of Cyberverse's channel and release time frame just seeped out and I'm pleased. This Fall on Cartoon Network. I was kinda hoping for Nickelodeon, but Cartoon Network is fine. I already hear the cries of a bad time slot, but I'm going to DVR it anyway, so *shrug*.  Either way, it's great news for me as I really am looking forward to this show. Admittedly because I do something something Transformers and cartoons, but after the clips shown at SDCC this past weekend, I think the show looks great.

The Mobile Cop Jiban opening

I wish I has more than a casual knowledge of The Metal Heroes series outside of watching the occasional episode when I have some spare time. Thanks to VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, and it's friendly relationship with Robocop I was drawn to the series naturally. One thing I really enjoy about older tokusatsu is the embracing of horror in the villains. Sure, you got the sci fi and all, but the monsters are straight out of an 1980's haunted house. What's not to love?

Shadows Rising trailer

I talked about this game earlier this year when the first looks at it were peeking out (of the shadows hur hur) and I still really want to play it. I've yet to play the prior game, so here's to hoping I make it to a Dave and Buster's soon... or maybe if Fun Spot has it... I should check into that. I love a good SEGA light gun game.

Demon Hunter Mitsurugi intro

Last night, before I went to sleep, I found myself watching a few episodes of Demon Hunter Mitsurugi. I had intended to watch some Godman when stumbling across this fever dream of a toku show that despite occasionally seeing images of, I have never watched. I dug it as it's really different. Before when I'd see pictures of the ninja team, I had assumed they were wearing pilot outifits. That was totally wrong as they're wearing stylish helmets with their ninja outfits and color assigned scarfs.

The bad guys are a threat called the Scorpion Army, whom are from space despite 100% being spooky demons and monsters practicing various evil magic. Most fascinating is that the giant battles are stop motion and not suits. This makes the scense come off just a little more nightmarish as there's a freaky nature to the scenes. There's only 12 episodes, so I should have no problem watching the show entirely. It's really cool and pretty ripe for Halloween Horrorcon fodder.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

San Diego Heck Yeah- Post of Mega Happiness

Disclaimer: this will be a stream of thought, probably not coherent in any way

Holy crap, I love everything coming from SDCC this year. Like, mindlessly love. I'm so freaking excited. I can't believe the stuff that's seemingly tailored to me coming that I will probably spend too much money on but holy crap I want it so bad that I can't believe this is really happening.

Links to current news items as of me writing this.

I had no link handy for this, but dude Nano Power Rangers. I've really wanted this to happen.

A Legacy Wars movie!!!!

There's just so much freaking awesome stuff that I'm just skimming the top here and man I can't believe it. Everything thing is love! I feel like I won an award. If you can't stand happiness and joy, I'm going to be unbearable for a while.

Siege mah heart

Oh man, the SDCC looks so far of Siege: War for Cybertron toys look AMAZING. They keep making exactly what I want! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Well, look at that...

Turns out all those talks of the TF movie franchise being done for were misspoken as news has came out that more Transformers movies are in development. It's not too far from some of the opinions I've shared here before, but I'm not patting my own back, just feeling a little vindicated in how I've read things. The dip in profits from TLK wasn't a flop as folks who'd like you to think it was (still trying to figure out how almost tripling it's budget in ticket sales works out to a flop...but that's just me... living in the real world), just a sign that it's time to freshen things up a little. The Bumblebee movie looks to be exactly that breath of fresh air everyone needed and even though the movie could still be a dumpster fire and die on arrival at box offices, the reception is vastly different so far. I mean, it's a year and a half after the last movie in release, a smaller gap than ever before. Folks are outright positive over it thanks to a short trailer here, small glimpses there, and pictures of toys everywhere.

Let's think about this, the toys that have been previewed thus far are children's toys intended for children and adult fans aren't pooping all over them (a few are, but some people always will). In fact I've seen mostly positivity towards this, which is so damned refreshing. I mean... man it's nice to see positivity towards a TF movie after a decade of negativity (unless they get something free, then those dudes will straight up hop fifty feet over and ahead of of you to capitalize).

I really hope this positivity continues to go forward and the movies deliver something close to expectations. It's nice to enjoy something without having to ignore the obnoxious negative crap.

Optimus Primal (bat)

The Maximals and I have no choice but to stop Megatron and his Predacon minions before they destroy us all! Freedom may be the right of all sentient beings, but to protect the greater good we must vanquish to Earth from these evil Predacon creatures! It won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is!

Rage Against The Machine: Guerrilla Radio

Monday, July 16, 2018

MMPR intro Abertura Portugues

Stranger Things 3 teaser

The teaser for the upcoming season of the best damn show on TV goes into full nostalgia overload with a look at what is hopefully is a location on the show. Personally, little things like this hit me just right and I'm hoping for some fun antics at the Hawkins Mall.

Ultraman US intro

Ignite the night

News broke this morning with the first looks at the Energon Igniters figures for the upcoming Bumblebee movie that just look great. Playing off the 80's theme of the movie, these figures are movie characters that turn into 70's and 80's cars. So dang cool!

There's multiple size classes and I can't help but to mentally recall G2 and Machine Wars when looking at some of these. These look great and help the excitement for the upcoming movie develop in me. I hope this movie is a bigger hit than TLK. Not just for the bettering of the franchise, but movie stuff is just fun.

I really want that Bumbebee Snickers back.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Seige of my wallet

Since we're a week out from SDCC, the news of stuff to be displayed is hitting websites and some early previews of the upcoming War For Cybertron toys were shown. Coming under the Siege banner, these toys look promising, but do leave out the Micromasters that have been haunting Amazon listings, leaving me in high anticipation. The Battlemasters were initially rumored to work with the Micromasters, but instead are more of a Targetmaster evolution (I'm willing to bet weapons other than guns will work into this) as they apparently combine with other weapons. I think that's just rad as crap. The pricing looks to follow Studio Series pricing for Voyagers and Deluxes, which is a little poopy, but to be expected with rising toy costs. I do wonder if they'll be lower at my local Walmart as prior Generations have been given that MSRP and still were just 15$. Time will tell, and I'm guessing Micromaster sets will fill the Legends class, which I'm ok with. I'm very excited for these toys and really surprised by just how much I like them. This looks like another winner for me.

They're coming for the belts

Earlier today news of the new Decepticons to be featured in the upcoming Bumblebee movie hit the internet running (like in the pic) leading to a bunch of talk about these cool looking new characters. Shatter (the red one) and Dropkick (the blue one) sound like a bad ass 80's wrestling tag team that tore up the territory in the NWA. I really dig Shatter's skull like face and hope they are as cool as characters as they are in looks. The director is promising a smaller cast to have a more character driven story, which I'm really looking forward to.

Friday the 13th NES

Friday the 13th part 4 Japanese poster

Friday the 13th part 5 Japanese poster

Friday the 13th part 2 Japanese trailer

Thursday, July 12, 2018

They got the power to surprise

TFormers managed to find more listing for upcoming rumored Micromaster sets in Generations, or as I like to call them tiny little dreams come true. If the dates are right, they should be showing up in stores come Christmas time or sometime in early 2019 depending on stocking and such. Or I guess the beginning of December if you order them off Amazon. My excitement cannot be contained, this is amazing.

Shawn, you ready to talk tiny TF at Toylanta?

Dino Size

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I miss when McDonald's was awesome. Now I have to make sure the cashier didn't ring me up for just the sandwich when I say "I'll have a number one please" and am starting to think the shake machine is just a facade.

*grumble grumble* I'd say dino size and they'd give me a small cup *grumble grumble*

Machine Saurer record single

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Headmaster of the class

I just really dig the intro music for Headmasters. I've always liked the show quite a bit, but man that intro song is just great. Yeah, yeah... insert guy who put's himself in front of everything at every chance telling me how bad Headmasters is... and just like every other fandom zealot, I ignore them completely (too many folks want to make everything about them). I actually quite like the Japanese series despite how different they are from the American produced ones. Admittedly, I really like Transformers and have a hard time not enjoying Transformers, so go figure I'd like Transformers.

When I first learned of the new seasons made for Japan I was instantly keyed in on finding out as much as I could about them. Here I was in my late teens, Beast Wars was showing in syndication and the internet was becoming available to me. First something at school, then shortly after at home. All I wanted to do was consume all the stuff I didn't know about all the stuff I liked. Suddenly those weird cheap robot toys at Big Lots made a bunch of sense, turns out they were knock offs of Transformers from Japan and other parts of the world!

As much as I enjoyed the Rebirth, I always felt cheated as it was a rushed ending. Sure, I loved season 5, G2, and all the other ways reruns were packaged... but I wanted more. So of course more seasons was just the ticket. Headmasters ignores The Rebirth and acts as a more complete season 4. After that the series kinda follows a more traditional Japanese super robot cartoon format, which is ok by me as I like super robot cartoons as well as variety. I really enjoyed the way Headmasters work better in Japanese fiction than American. It's just more logical too me. The way Titanmasters work fictionally makes better sense to me than US Headmasters as well.

In Japan, the Headmaster is the character and is a tiny dude using the body to make himself bigger. That makes sense. In the US version, it's another guy sharing a body. When the head is disconnected, the actual Transformer is just a car. It's allegedly a play on 'two heads are better than one', but it was always kinda clunky to me. Sure, for a Targetmaster it makes all the sense in the world. The gun aims itself and acts as a partner. A Headmaster? Well great, now this guy has two personalities and one is just a car. A Titanmaster gives the TF it's partnered with special abilities, so now it makes sense as to why somebody would willingly give up their head to share a body with. It's an upgrade of sorts, to me anyway.

So uh... I like the song...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


This morning Amazon updated listings for the soon to be released Repugnus and Punch/Counterpunch. Honestly, I had assumed these were vaporware as they were just names on a list without any solid information for so long. I'm also pleasantly pleased as I really want Repugnus and even though I was first pretty meh on the idea of Counterpunch, seeing it makes me really want it. I'm still in the middle ground for Blast Off that seems to be part of the set. I'd like it, but not going to worry to much if I don't (my Bruticus is fine with the CW Blast Off... honestly, I just like the way the brown jet looks). I'm worried these will be another case of going up while I'm working or sleeping and sell out instantly like exclusives before (really hoping other places have them as well, to help out with chances). I also wonder if this will be some sort of Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing. I mean, here we are in July, the holidays will be here a lot sooner than you'd think and this does make for a good holiday grab. I just really want that Repugnus. Like, maybe a little too much. I don't mean to harp on the whole missing out on something because it sells out so fast, but it really is disheartening and has happened more often than I'd like. Which being only human and all...

Monday, July 9, 2018

Mighty Poppin Rangers

Some cool new Funk MMPR products are coming soon according to Tokunation and they look pretty great. Ironically I was just admiring the super sized Scrooge McDuck Pop at my local Target yesterday and thought it was super cool. I'm definitely going to grab this awesome Ultrazord. I mean, look at that thing! Also of note is some more Hero Factory figures, which I also was noting yesterday that I need to grab that 5 pack of the main five Rangers before it disappears (I have both Tommy sets). All I saw was a Lord Zedd and Goldar set, but I'm hoping for some more baddies. Those hero factory guys are neat. Just stylized figurines that don't look too bad. I think what gets me more than anything is the Gamestop exclusive Pumpkin Rapper. I plan on stalking my local Gamestop for this guy. Considering it's next door to our local Yankee Candle I doubt I'll have a hard time doing so. I know he's not intended to be a Halloween decoration, but he's going to be. Aside from my TF and PR Christmas tree decorations, I don't infuse too much of my silly nonsense into our holiday decorations. Though considering that he's from a Halloween episode and well... a jack o lantern... he's going on the mantel.

Mission for future frontiers

Friday, July 6, 2018

Transformers Land

I don't make my love of Universal Studios or the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios any secret. So when I came across these conceptual images of a Transformers land for the in development Beijing Universal Studios Park, of course I got super ridiculous. Right now it's not confirmed, so there's no guarantee it will be a reality, but man wouldn't it be cool... and slightly depressing. The Orlando park is expensive enough of a trip, let alone going across the globe and then going to the park. Yikes. One thing of note is the re-theme job of the Incredible Hulk roller coaster as a TF coaster. That's a pretty good use of resources and one of the most popular coasters these days.

I got all this info from Theme Park University, one of my favorite sites on the internet. If you dig enough around the site you might see why. It's fascinating!

Sam's Choice BotCon

Adding to the G1 Hot Rod reissue exclusive to Walmart, it looks like even more G1 reissues are headed to Walmart exclusivity. This is pretty random and pretty neat. Starscream has the Megatron gun from the cartoon colors version from around 02-03 and I wonder if Devastator will have the new head from the latest edition. I figure it's part of a 35th anniversary campaign, which is kinda great.

The Last Knight Hot Rod

When the first sneak peaks of Hot Rod in TF5 hit the internet around summer 2016, I was excited. Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime is one of my favorite Transformers characters and even though his design wasn't traditional, I thought he looked pretty cool. So when the TF5 movie toys began coming out, Hot Rod was exclusive to Walmart (like Stinger before). Though for whatever reason, waves past the initial push didn't come to stores in the standard time frame or not even at all. Hot Rod was available online, but not on shelves (except for a 3 step toy). Fortunately in the recent months he did appear at Ross stores and his deluxe figure has been making appearances at the stores in the recent weeks. So, you can get a Hot Rod and an ugly pair of Nike at the same place!

Hot Rod is based on the Age of Extinction Lockdown deluxe mold with a new parts and color deco. This works really well and makes for a better Hot Rod than Lockdown oddly enough. It's a good toy mold with ample articulation and good use of color and sculpting. It wouldn't be mistaken for the more premium Studio Series figures, but does look really nice.

If I had any complaints in this mold, it's that the joints on mine were a little too tight and I was worried I'd wrench a part off. The only loose part was one of his weird shoulder pad thingies that came off way to easily. Fortunately it went right back into place, but not without getting cursed out for it's annoyance. I wish Hot Rod had an accessory. Maybe his time freezing gun from the movie, or a cool movie style Targetmaster. That'd be really neat actually. I know, I know, I can buy a gun on shapeways or something. But I bought the figure for 9$, spending 20$ plus shipping for a gun isn't exactly something I'd like to do. That'd be like paying 5$ for french fries to go with a 2$ burger.

Speaking of expensive choices, Hot Rod's car mode is a Lamborghini Centenario. Which is a very fancy car that costs more than I can fathom. Seriously, I've never spent more than 25k on a car. I'm very simple. Seriously, what's making that car so fancy? Does it have cup holders that fit those really big drinks or something? Regardless of the pricey car, it's really cool looking. This is a car I could see a traditional Hot Rod turning into and a little eagle eyeing the car's details could show how a clever paint job could make him look even more G1.

Transforming him, however, wasn't something I enjoyed. I don't hate it or anything, but I don't want to do it often. It's not overly hard, just fiddly enough to get everything to snap into place to be frustrating. One you do, it's in place though. Just like going back to robot mode, just frustrating to get everything into place. Though considering the smooth looking car mode and solid robot, if that's the only complaint, then there's nothing major to complain about.

Like if his name was Rodimus Major.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Golden Lagoon reference in post title

The new night-time  lagoon show at Universal Studios Orlando has started shows recently, and man is it something to see. If you skip ahead to 11:59, you can see the ultra cool Transformers segment that uses scenes from the various movies, but also from the ride. Or you can just watch the whole thing, it's neat.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

White Ranger Tiger Power theme

Now imagine Tommy saying 'Aiya..si...aiya..si' while fighting some Putties.

Cyberversal Appeal

All sorts of Cyberverse stuff has been hitting the internet and I won't lie, it's pretty exciting to see it all unfold. Not to mentions the toys are starting to pop up and listings for the cartoon are beginning to appear. Honesty I'm looking forward to the cartoon and hope it's going to be good. I like the premise as I've stated before and am looking forward to getting those Scout figures (with the peppering of bigger bots throughout). It just looks fun, which I know, silly me, who wants to have fun with their hobby? Man, I really look forward to more character designs. Like not just the standard gang, some really out there choices in bright colorful colors.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Demon General Abominus

I got the rest of the Terrorcons this past weekend at my local Walmart (because wave 3 is going to be impossible to find *snicker*) and am really looking forward to assembling my Abominus on July 4th. I got Rippersnapper with my birthday presents in March and Hun-Gurrr some time back, now all I need is the spare time of a holiday to enjoy them all. I was pointing out to my wife that Abominus is my favorite combiner and realized, I sure do have a lot of him. The original (including countless individual Hun-Gurrrs), a great color reversed ko, two different variations of the Beast Hunters version (I think I got extra Hun-Gurrrs there too), the Kre-O version, Infernocus, (who's basically the movie version, and is made of the Beast Hunters Abominus) and now the POTP version. Honestly, I could use a couple more. I find myself often wishing there was an Action Master or a SFC version.

What's not to love about that abominable fella?

Monday, July 2, 2018

King of Kong

I guess Hasbro decided to make this years SDCC exclusives the freaking bomb or something, because, in addition to that amazing Bumblebee set I talked about last week, they unveiled this amazing thing today. Just look at that thing, that's amazing. They've taken the POTP Optimal Optimus, colored him like BW season one Primal and gave him a throne to display all his Primemasters on as well as a magic mace to use them with (because Gauntlets are so last week) and most importantly, a freaking crown. I really want this, and once again the crushing reality of the online sales of these exclusives are usually sold out within minutes insuring a busy working professional like myself to miss out. Sucks, but I guess that's the trade off. That's really awesome though, I mean... MAN THAT'S AWESOME.

Hey Hasbro, you know you could send me some review copies right?

You know, I actually like your stuff right?