Monday, April 30, 2018

Sky Garry

Ability: Directs the new Cybertron soldiers, the Micromasters in attacking the Destrons. Uses the Mystery Circle Punch which instantly pierces the bodies of his enemies. Has a good relationship with his sibling, Grandus.
Weapon: Star Shot

J Decker intro

J Decker is one of those Brave series that is like that slightly underground punk band that everyone has seemingly heard of, but never quite escapes that slightly underground nature.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Where there's heat, there's Cyberfire

Me Grimlock radical
So, work with me here. I had an idea while working. You see, The wife and I are going to see Avengers this weekend. While we normally wait for video for Marvel movies as there's about 50 of them a year, we never miss the new Guardians of the Galaxy movies in the theaters and that's the reason we're making a point to see this. Because the Guardians are in it. Well, I figured we should see the new Thor beforehand as we havent yet and while it was in it's theatrical push, my wife noted they were giving it the same 80's airbrushed, classic rock treatment as Guardians. Which I figured was probably their vibe for the Marvel cosmic stuff in general, which works for me (I really dig it).

So, while I was working I keep thinking about the pseudo 80's graphics floating around these days (and loving it). While internet hipsters try to hate on it (because heaven forbid something be popular), it's a pretty popular theme in general these days (and I love it). So, here's where I'm going with this. I distinctly remember people loving Guardians of the Galaxy use of that old Atari and classic rock type fun. Then the following year, The Force Awakens came out and it too had the neo 80's vibe working with it. It was on t-shirts, trading cards, you name it and both movie series are using the look still (and people clearly like it). It's being used for tons of stuff that you can buy, is being bought, and hey remember that popular 80's logo generator?

My point is in this shirt
The Cyberverse cartoon and line is so G1 that folks don't know how to comprehend it. It's intentionally so as the 80's designs are the traditional Transformers that even the most casual of fan buy t shirts and random stuff on. It's embedded in pop culture and despite how much those fandom hipsters tell you they hate it, they're buying it too.

My idea? Use those pseudo 80's looks and fonts all over the packaging and marketing. Use that cheesy classic movie theme on the cartoon intro. What if the tagline was 'The Touch'? Sure it may be a fad, but it was a fad back then too. Hell, complaining about fads is a fad that will eventually go away (take those hipsters with it, nobodies impressed anyway). Sure Cyberverse is a modern take on traditional Transformers updated for modern kids. But the obvious is right there and man Teen Titans Go! sure doesn't mind using that neo 80's cheese on all it's sandwiches. Come to think of it, lot's of things are using it.

These are toys meant to be played with and entertainment meant to enjoy, so make it fun. The movie series has been so grimdark that the upcoming Bumblebee movie's apparent fun vibe is really catching folks attention. Look around, people are complaining about gritty dark and mopey. They want bright colors and fun. Notice what all the kids are wearing? It's not hard to ignore, as it's so bright it can be seen from space. So, hey a fun cartoon and toyline?

What a weird idea, a fun cartoon and toy line for kids.

Ultraman R/B

I've been seeing this promo the past week all over and it sure looks cool. I'll probably watch it in clips and rando general info bits with maybe a full ep here and there (what is spare time?). I really dig the fire and ice theme they have going. Sure, it's a well used theme in this type of entertainment, but I still have always dug it. Just always plays off cool (probably the ice part). Though I got to admit, the promo hits maximum silliness with the running high five. Which of course I approve of (there goes Rob again, having fun with his leisure time activities, what a weirdo) of random silliness like that, but I admit. They come off like a wrestling tag team here. Which is awesome. Unless they go to WWE, where they'll be buried in a week by a team that has 3 moves.

I'm a ROH guy.

I kinda want a toy of him

I don't know why people keep saying it's a real life Transformer. 

It's clearly a Brave guy.


Temperamental and solitary, Bantor relishes his Fuzor animalian fusion. Enhanced by the attributes of a baboon's and tiger's instincts, he is a natural warrior in total flux with the ways of combat. Extremely versatile, Bantor combines the cunning patience of a tiger with the near-demented frenzy of a baboon, deleting the need for ammunition in close-range combat. Optimal Optimus's first choice for recon or demolition missions. Bantor can traverse deep into Predacon territory and escape undetected. Largely unknown by the enemy, his reputation for setting undetectable traps exceeds his identity, though his power-ram head and right hook are widely considered devastating.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

I'm super sentai, thanks for asking

Lupinranger vs Pataranger

I've made it known before that I generally just watch Power Rangers and only take in various clips and general info on Super Sentai. Not for any particular reason, just there's only so many hours in the day. Not to mention, I'm a married man who works 60+ hours a week. So that time it takes to keep up with shows I can't just DVR doesn't always add up with real life. Though I admit, I'm really tempted to watch the current Super Sentai show Lupinranger vs Pataranger. It looks super cool. Not only do I like the Ranger suits and mecha, but I really dig the theme. You got a team of police, chasing a team of bandits, while both are battling a gang of monsters. The clips I've watched make the show look like a lot of fun and that's what I'm all about with my leisure time (what's with all these whiny nerds anyway, they know hobbies are voluntary right?).

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger

The prior Super Sentai series also looked super cool, but I assumed it was going to be the next Power Rangers adaption before Beast Morphers was announced. So while I'm stoked for Beast Morphers, I do plan to go back and take in some of Kyuranger since I've mainly just taken in clips and general info. Fortunately it's getting adapted into a Korean Power Rangers series called Galaxy Force. Which is going to get confusing as there was already Transformers Galaxy Force (Cybertron here, but still used the Galaxy Force name on some of the toys leading to confusion at times). Though the name is a good match as Uchu Sentai Kyuranger translates into Space Squadron Nine Ranger. So, yeah, Galaxy Force works. So, I'm hoping to catch some of it translated soon enough as I seem to have a much better time finding Korean series subbed than Japanese on video sites. Not to mention, with my local Super H-Mart, kinda wondering if I can luck up on any random swag. I've done it before.

Power Rangers All Stars is live!

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the Power Rangers mobile RPG game (now called All Stars) is up on the Google Play Store (iOS coming later) though not in all countries yet. So, I'm very patiently waiting for it to become available in my region so I can finally try this bad boy out!

Any day now game, any day...

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Transmetals 2 commercial

If it's one thing I wonder, it's that why do those kids have so many tiny disposable cups on hand to play with? A dentist's child perhaps? Is one of them sick and get's his pills everyday in those cups and thought it would be neat to save them for Beast Wars play time? Who knows, but what I do know is that this commercial is another in a series of great examples of 90's Transformers commercials. Those are some solid toys in the commercial to boot. Dinobot 2 and that Cheetor were great figures are the epitome of the Transmetal 2 ideology.

Cybershark was later used as Sky Byte in Robots in Disguise/Car Robots. Funnily enough, I've mentioned not getting the CR toys until they were released here as RID due to broke ass community college kid symptoms. Though most of the Predacons were molds from Beast Wars, so it's not like I didn't technically miss out at first. That Cybershark was totally at my local Kay Bee for 5$. A whole stack of them. So many that I wonder if the manager would have let me take them all for 20$ just to get rid of them. Of course at the time 20$ wasn't as easy to come by as 5$, so I just had one.

Freaking paint rubbed off his chest the first time I transformed him.


Megatron's cloning experiments have added a new and sinister member to the Predacon ranks: Scarem. A cold, calculating, cyber-organic beetle, Scarem can travel at extremely high speeds over any type of terrain - even when upside down. His body shell withstands an incredible amount of firepower. When on the attack, Scarem's ultra aggressive fighting methods are nearly impossible to stop. Now, the Maximals must use everything at their disposal to stop the vicious assault of Scarem.


When I was a kid, like others I would stay up late on the weekends. Double feature slasher flicks on HBO,  Police Academy on Showtime, and at a point USA started showing this awesome show that was like Godzilla with superheroes and was funny as hell. This cool show called Dynaman came on every Friday night for a while and despite the jokes usually being over my head, I loved it. As time passed, so did the airings of Dynaman. Years later Power Rangers started showing on Fox Kids and I was excited, here was that show I used to watch on USA! Ok, it wasn't as funny, but still had the awesome multi colored superheroes fighting monsters and giant robots. Not much later, I started learning about the roots of Power Rangers and it all started making sense.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Godzilla vs Gigan trailer

Gigan is one of those crazy kaiju that just keeps getting more crazy. He's this cyborg bird dinosaur thing with a saw blade in his belly and giant hook hands that later get swapped out for chainsaws in Final Wars because he apparently wasn't hardcore enough already. He's pure violence and a pretty big threat to Godzilla whenever he shows up. Gigan is one of those kaiju I can't point to when someone asks me why I like this stuff so much. I can't just point to him, hear them say 'whoah' and that's that.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Transmetals Optimus and Megatron

This is a fun one. Subscribing to the G2 commercial train of thought (without the rap, unfortunately) Optimus and Megatron bash around in a setting full of gray desk organizers and sell their action features. I know it's mainly a past it's primal thing, but I really liked this style of commercial for toys. Outright show kids playing with the toys acting out a big ass whooping. The 90's had it's own vibe in general in media presentation, but man it really shows in older commercials.


When you least expect it, expect me!
Streaks in from excessive altitudes while cloaked in stealth armor. Bombs Autobot strongholds without ever being detected. Separates into Smokescreen jet fighter and armored tank to enhance destructive capabilities. As robot - or plane - the giant Gatling gun blasts a multitude of missiles at enemy forces while jet fighter enters dogfights with wing-mounted launchers. Impossible to shoot down; you can't hit what you can't see!

SEGA CD cannonball

I was stuck thinking about playing Sega Genesis all weekend. I didn't actually play any, despite the many ways I have to play it (and still planning on buying that mini edition later this year), but for some particular reason memories of playing SEGA was specifically on my mind all weekend. When looking at this old commercial, I ask myself, just how often was that footage of a guy getting shot in the belly with a cannonball used in the 90's?

Man, your ride is FIRE

Today I was buying some blind bag Imaginext and couldn't help but to think (yet again) how they would make excellent Battle Beasts toys. Just dig those pirate sharks and their vehicles.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Series-ously conflicting

So, I keep going back and forth in my mind if I want to indeed get all of the Studio Series or not. I'm at the verge of doing it. Just full out doing it. Just roll my sleeves up and do it. Be like Mike and just do it. Turn up the music and do it. Insert the descriptor and do it. The thing holding me back is that it's the numbering system making me want to do it and 09 is an exclusive to a store that's going out of business and the ones near me are baby ain't no lie, bye bye bye.

Basically the improbability of getting Thundercracker is the major holding back factor at this moment. A more minor factor is that Japanese promotional Optimus Rifle. I'd want to get that too.

Sure, it's not that big of a deal, but if I'm going to complete something, I'm going to actually do it. Just do it. Just... I already just did this joke.

Mighty Morphin Pog Rangers

I worked the McDonald's drive thru window when this promotion happened. In fact, I worked the second window, the one that handed out the food and filled the sodas. It was in that window where these pogs were kept. In a little bin, those gray ones that they always have the ketchup packets, I had them to hand out if a customer asked for some. Yes, each day I took several home with me. I tried my best to complete the collection, but apparently it was extremely randomized. Either way, I wish McDonald's was still awesome. Old McDonald's was awesome, I mean sure being 16 and working there wasn't, but it was still the heyday of Ronald McDonald and all the fun stuff that people loved about the company. Not the current stores that try to look hip and the shake machine is always down.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Transformers Uragan Italian commercial 1993

I wasn't aware that Thunder Clash's name in Italy was Uragan. But Uragan sure has a fun commercial. Simply just showing off the toy's features in a cool lanscape with a little vehicle action. GiG sure knows how to sell a Transformer.


Let terror and evil reign in the skies - and show no Autobot mercy.

Cunning, gifted and completely evil. When his vile shadow falls, even the bravest must shudder. Brilliant in his use of the most advanced in stealth technology. As a plane, swoops down with wing-mounted, visible tracer attacking action. As a robot, this forms a powerful free-standing weapon.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Marvel Megamorphs

In the mid 00's, Toy Biz (who were making Marvel toys prior to Hasbro) made a weird, yet fun transforming robot line based on Marvel Superheroes. They had earlier in the 90's made various 'morphing' figures (goodness that Punisher), however these were outright robot toys. The figures were rather large robots based on various Marvel characters with a smaller version of said character serving as the pilot. The pilot figure acted as the toys gimmick key as well. In fiction, the robots were powered by the characters super powers, and via various points on the toy the character would activate from being plugged in. Like others, I found them ridiculous before buying a few and enjoying them quite a bit. In hindsight, I wish I would have bought more as they were really neat.

There was a mini comic included with each toy which fell in order of each toy (so you needed them all for the complete story) as well as a Marvel mini series, which was pretty enjoyable for something so silly. Often times now, you'll see them pop up in various groups and pages with members usually getting them confused for the Hasbro Marvel Transformers Crossovers toys. Which is a shame that they don't have better notoriety. Sure they were weird and were gone almost as soon as they arrived, but they sure were fun in their own way.

Godzilla: The City Mechanized for Battle

Man this one looks like the action gets dialed up a few levels, but as much as I dig the new Mecha Godzilla, I feel like this one should be Zone Fighter or something else. Either way I'm looking forward to this one popping up on Netflix.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Evac said I could ride with him any time

Wonder what his gas mileage is?

Ever since the idea hit me that there should be a a Studio Series Evac, I can't not think about how nice it would be. In all honesty, the regular Evac toy is a really nice figure (keep thinking a special stealth edition would be cool). I just can't help but to think a premium edition as a Studio Series would be great. They could realistically spruce up the original figure (if they wouldn't choose to make a new toy). Maybe some new accessories, like the gun he uses in the ride, the Allspark fragment, etc. Give the figure a more premium paint job. Maybe metallic, that'd be sharp. And his included diorama could be the N.E.S.T hangar or better yet, the Universal Studios gate or ride building. Maybe even give him his own number to drive people who like completing series nuts.

Rangers must pose

There's a moment when you realize Zordon's not really doing anything. The Rangers save Tommy and recruit him tot heir side, and Zordon's all 'uh... hey guys... good job...uh yeah Tommy now you can... Megazord'.

Dragon Megazord's pretty bad ass though.

The Science of Transformers the Ride 3D

I ran across some cool promotional videos for Universal Studios and was delighted to find this neat little thing. It's an informative video on the Transformers ride that goes a little into how things work as well as the design of Evac. It's pretty cool to see these little things and some great shots of the ride itself.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

KFC Rules

This is probably the best ad I've ever seen for fried chicken.

Korean Power Rangers intro (1994)

This is neat. Basically the original Korean Power Rangers is somewhat lost in time, but a fan made a restoration using a found MP3 of the theme. Really neat. Korean Power Rangers is usually the Super Sentai series with just Power Rangers slapped onto the title in place of Super Sentai, though some use of American Power Rangers did get used over there. This is so neat to me as I've mentioned before my interest in Korean robot shows and the way Power Rangers is handled worldwide is sometimes baffling. You got a Japanese show, edited with English scenes to make an American show, then dubbed in Korean. Or you get the straight Japanese show dubbed in Korean and released with the American shows title.

Swordbird Giza

Just look at that majestic Swordbird

The Nemesis Prime version of POTP Optimus Prime has been floating around for a bit before earlier today when actual pictures of the toy popped up. Wow. Not only does he have new head molds for each modes head, he also has new accesories including his little pal Giza. Giza is a little robot bird that turns into swords. Yes, swords.


I already planned to get him as POTP is such a small line, I figure it should be easy enough to buy all the figures. But now... now... NOW there is an included Swordbird named Giza that is the entire selling point.



King Sphinx is hardcore

I've always wished that King Sphinx would have had a more regular role in MMPR. I could imagine him and Goldar as a team. They already compliment each other. They could be like the Legion of Doom of MMPR.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Numbering Series

The new Studio Series Transformers figures sure are interesting. A more premium version of the movie characters is a welcome thing as not all the toys were the best representations of the on screen characters. Not to mention, fancy things are nice. I got my Stinger finally this past weekend and even though I don't plan to outright buy each one, maybe just a select few, I keep feeling compelled to buy them all.

The figures are individually numbered (Bumblebee is 1, Stinger is 2, etc etc) and the number is predominantly displayed on the side of the box. I really could see myself having the entire series on a bookshelf with the boxes lined up according to number. I'm not really the display type, but can really see that being a neat thing to do.

There's been plenty of other numbered series before and I haven't felt compelled to buy them all due to the numbering, so I'm not sure what is compelling me to do so here. I will say I hope they do a Studio Series Evac and have him exclusively at Universal Studios. Sure it would make him harder to get, but it would be the perfect place for a more exclusive item. Specially a more boutique item.

Mobile Suit Jaeger

Seeing how Pacific Rim is a live action robot cartoon (for some people the point is now out of the atmosphere over their heads), Legendary Pictures has this awesome poster for Uprising in Japan. Drawn by Masami Obari, it intentionally invokes Gundam imagery. Hopefully the film is successful over there as here it did similar to the originals numbers. I don't expect another sequel (I never thought this one would ever happen), but man would love more.

The Cyberverse is vast

Over the weekend, pictures of of packaged Cyberverse toys started poping up all over the internet. I really like the bright colorful packaging. The entire line looks fun and full of life. I mainly plan on getting the smaller scout class figures, but there's going to be some of the larger toys I want to get. The larger 20$ Grimlock and Starscream look like pretty neat figures. I really like the rocket pods on Grimlock, giving him a more Mecha Godzilla look. Starscream also has added missile pods, but his are huge making him look more like Skyquake. Im hoping for eventual recolors that would homage various Skyquake recolors. I think an outright black  version would be enough to make me happy (Machine Wars Starscream), but fingers crossed for a King Atlas or even  Skyquake homage.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy Friday the 13th!

Hope everyone has fun watching a bunch of slasher flicks tonight!

Waruders ready, Waruder ready

Takara uploaded a new video about the upcoming Waruder suits for the current Diaclone line. Man... man... mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I want these, at least one. These are awesome. I was wondering how they'd go about Waruders in current Diaclone as they've stayed away from the Transformers stuff and it's hard to do robot insects without instant Insecticon comparisons, so this new twist on the mech suits is just great. You know, I really need to get both Diaclone and Waruder pilots. Just a bunch. I got all sorts of crap that could use a driver.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Making the Cyberverse in my mind-Turbo

One thing that get's old to me is the immediate go to characters to fit certain roles. Need a veteran, well get Ironhiode, Kup, or Ultra Magnus. So what if there's an episode of Cyberverse where Bumblebee remembers his rookie missions? Here he is in a squad, a complete greenhorn in an unforgiving environment for newbies. There's this cool Autobot who's been around for awhile, but not some old dinosaur who I can't relate too. Man, I wish I was like that guy. Problem is, I don't think he likes me very much.

Basically, I could see Turbo as that cool seasoned guy who begrudgingly takes Bumblebee under his wing (and tries to push him out at every chance). It's not that Turbo is a jerk, he's just here to do his own job and doen't want to deal with some kid. Somehow though Turbo really teaches Bumblebee and sets an example of how an Autobot should be and pretty much (to his own annoyance) becomes Bumblebee's hero and everything he wants to be like. Turns out Turbo really cares about the kid and wants the best for him, just he's not the best at that kind of sentiment.

I chose Turbo for this role as well... why the crap not? Sure he's a Gobot, but Hasbro owns Gobots and look at him. He's that perfect cool been around the block kind of guy. A name like Turbo and a red sports car? Sure, he's got to be a little self sure and maybe even cocky. He's well known enough to not be a level of obscure that does nothing but self service an ego (hi nerd hipsters, nobodies impressed), but just off the radar that if the character never shows back up it was just the right amount of screen time.

I think I've had my share of mentor like figures who would obviously rather not have been stuck with me, but also wanted to see me succeed. I've had more folks like that around when I've been new somewhere than Ironhide or Ultra Magnus types. To me that's more relate-able and in a story about where Bumblebee came from, I'm sure we'd want to relate in the situation.

Making the Cyberverse in my mind- Clench

So, I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming Transformers Cyberverse cartoon. I'm fairly excited for it as the format allows for a lot of world building and a variety of adventures. While I'm pretty sure they'll largely stick with a faithfully familiar cast, I can't help but to imagine what more obscure characters could be like. So, let's sit through another round of Rob imagines things. I plan on doing a few of these periodically, so assuming I don't go chasing some other butterfly, I'm starting off with Clench.

Because I like him.

Clench doesn't get a whole lot of attention other than background Decepticon or Decepticon in a place of leadership at some point type of roles. Seeing as the conceit of Cyberverse is Bumblebee remembering his various adventures, it would be a good time to use someone like him. Despite folks getting tired of the character on the Walking Dead, I really see Clench in a role similar to Negan. Think about it, what's Megatron's motto? "Peace through tyranny". How do the Saviors behave? They save people by ruling under brutality. Kill a couple, watch the rest fall in line. And both camps have members that are good and just plain rotten.

Clench is classically a brutal character. He's certainly the type to kill somebody in front of others to make them fall in line. Now, Negan isn't exactly a bad guy. He's trying to save people generally, just going about it in not exactly the most ideal way. Also he's taking a bit of delight in it. Well, the Decepticons don't think they're the bad guys. Bad guys generally don't think they're bad. On Walking Dead, Rick could be seen a a villain from a certain point of view, so could Optimus Prime. Prowl in some incarnations is certainly... oh, hi Shane.

So, what if in an episode Bumblebee remembers his adventure on some desolate area that's under the rule of Clench and his crew?

"I care about my bots. I don’t want to just march them into the line of fire because I want to play ‘my bolt is bigger than yours.’ It is. We both know it."


I will not rest until the last Autobot is crushed to nothing and Decepticons rule.

A vehicle of terrifying power and pure evil. Combines a keen brain with diabolical cruelty. His whole being is dedicated to vengeance. A nightmare opponent, powered by pure hate and the thought of ultimate victory. Overwhelms, flattens and throws aside anyone foolish enough to get in his way. As a vehicle attacks from all sides with vast weapon power and does terrible damage with his vicious, rear mounted grabbing claw. Menacing in intermediate mode as a multi-purpose battle station. As a gigantic robot, towers terrifyingly above all.

Targetmaster Cyclonus

Compassion is the Autobots' downfall.

An emotionless marauder whose single-minded purpose is to destroy the Autobots. Incapable of fear. Paired with Nightstick, a Nebulan master criminal who doubles as a blinding, corroding black-beam gun. In space jet mode, has nuclear-powered turbine engines that allow him to cruise at Mach 2 in suborbital altitudes and achieve escape velocity for interstellar space travel.

Meteorbs aren't just awkward to say, they're fun for play!

When I was a kid, there was more than one way to rock. There was Rock Lords (which I really need to get a few) and of course the line of meteor based toys in Masters of the Universe. Beginning with Rokkon and Stonedar, later Mattel added in the Meteorbs to fall from the sky and whoop Skeletor's bony butt. Essentially, Transformers were hip daddy-o and He-Man needed to get in on that groovy transforming action. So, Mattel licensed molds from Bandai's Tamagoras toy line of transforming egg robots. It didn't exactly set the Universe on fire (probably because He-Man was still master of the place) unfortunately, but did make for some cool toys.

Bootlegs of the molds are fairly common and other transforming egg toys are pretty common place, so I'm sure they could be dug up easily. I'd like to get my hands on some more, not just because they're cool, but egg bots have always been super neat to me. I've got a neat skeleton one I bought at a pharmacy one year that still holds a special radness rank in my heart.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Beast Mode

Despite all the cool stuff for Shattered Grid going around (man, I'd love that Lord Drakkon figure... or an Imaginext of him... actually that'd be awesome) I've been more focused on developments from Beast Morphers. The entire Hasbro involvement has really caught my attention and I'm super interested in how things will go. I still have the back half of Super Ninja Steel to go before I even get to this show that won't even air until a year from now, and I'm in no rush for the year to fly by, but man I'm really focused on this. So I've started taking note of the casting calls for the show and comically enough saw one with the typo Power Rangers Beast Mode (which isn't too bad of a name) that I wish I could find again to link to. One that really caught my eye was this one . 

While Hasbro has the master toy license from Beast Morphers going forward, they haven't acquired the IP yet. Yet the show is listed as a Hasbro/Nickelodeon production instead of a Saban/Nickelodeon production. I don't know if this is a typo like the prior mentioned Beast Mode (really wish I saved that link) or perhaps news that hasn't come to light yet. Either way, it's interesting.

Machine Robo Transformations

I remember for the longest time folks constantly ripping on Gobots with a select few of us screaming how awesome they were in retaliation. It still happens today, but not as much. Probably since more and more have discovered just how amazing Gobots and Machine Robo actually is. Of course there we are, Gobots hipsters all patting ourselves on the back with a certain sense of smugness.

We were into them before they were cool.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Monster Gobots (1986)

Don't ask me to make sense of how my brain works. Because sometimes I have no clue as to why I go from one thing to another. I'm sitting at my desk working, listening to iHeart radio, and for no explainable reason thing about Monster Gobots. No reason why. This commercial is great though, Cy-Kill introduces his new friends who are so ugly it just outright kills plants.

Shogun Warriors commercial

While recording the all new Zone Base podcast, I went on for a minute about Shogun Warriors. It's dawning on me now, that these type of toys could realistically make a comeback as already we have similar toys on the shelves that seem to sell reasonably well. Not to mention they could be somewhat inexpensive which would be welcome in today's economy as well as would fit right on with the current kaiju renaissance going on (a most welcome renaissance at that).

Ok, I think I'd like it.

I'm a very silly person

The weekend of the last BotCon, even though I couldn't make it, I still made a point to do a BotCon tradition just one more time. Have a Big Mac.Thanks to Facebook memories for bringing this picture back to my attention. I had been wondering where it went.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Cloudbursting my bubble

Note the Power Suits in this old Diaclone commercial kinda look like...

Good old Pretender Cloudburst's shell...
Who just got a Primemaster update, which is just small enough...

To fit a modern Diaclone pilot with a minor modification, and hey...they look a little similar to that inner robot.

This never occurred to me until I saw a guy in Microfans posting his custom Power Suits using Primemaster decoy armor. My mind was blown with just a little paint and a piece to give the pilot something to stand on in the suit how suddenly Cloudburst was adapted. I wonder if this was intentional? Either way, it's super cool.

Welcome To Zone Base

That's kind of a clunky post title, but I couldn't think of a better one. As another years anniversary of Zone Base being online is coming to a close, another one is beginning. Seeing as I need to renew the domain name registration this weekend, I figured it would be a good time to do a sort of introduction/re-introduction of the blog type post for good measure.

I actually started Zone Base for a while before I ever started posting, I intended to get right away on it but really just sat on the space for awhile after creating it. I think I wanted to fully think it out before I got started, not just rush head first into a project and ultimately let it fart away. I intended Zone Base to be a mixture of various ideas I had for various projects over the years. There was a one issue zine I was going to make around 2004 called Forgotten Wars that would focus on Machine Wars Transformers and if it ever got a follow up would focus on other off the radar Transformers like the Walmart Dinobots or the Beast Wars Mutants.

Of course nothing ever came of it other than a million outlines of the project. Closest I came was a one issue zine I made for the local Transformers fan group that I distributed at a local sci fi convention. Randomly enough, I've seen it pop up a few places online, so I guess someone liked it. A few years after I started planning Forgotten Wars, I had aims to start an outright fanzine publishing arm that I called Robo Hate. It would have had a regular issue zine called Robo Hate and specials like the books mentioned before. I even bought a web domain and made a basic site for it before it farted away. I think I planned for it to be a newsletter at one point. Years before when I helped out with a fan site I was working with them to develop a newsletter as well, before my enthusiasm for helping them kinda went away (there's always unnecessary drama revolving around these types). I like newsletters.

Also, before YouTube happened, I had aims of doing a Transformers and other related lines commercial web site. There had been one already up for sale that I was going to buy and spruce up. The owner of the site basically flaked out before the site went away, but not before I acquired the pretty large collection of commercial files he had. Ultimately YouTube came along shortly after and well that idea went nowhere.

So after years of half brain ideas and never getting anywhere, I made a space called Zone Base and let it sit for a while before I dedicated myself into actually making it. I started it off as a Transformers focused blog at first before easing into the other strangeness. Zone Base is pretty much a combination of all those old ideas. I wanted to feature character bios, which I do here. I wanted to have commercials, which I post here with commentary. Remember that newsletter I mentioned? So, you can subscribe via email to Zone Base (the option is at the bottom of the page). While I haven't done the outright Forgotten Wars (yet), several of the posts here are pretty much in that idea. An outright fanzine? Well, a fan blog is the same thing, but you can read it on your phone/tablet/computer. So basically, I made all those ideas into one fan blog and so far it's been super cool to do.

Zone Base is where I write about the things I'm into and my experiences with them. The subject matter is pretty obvious as it's what I'm into. I imagine you're into them too since you're reading. I'm really thankful for those of you who choose to read it and hope you all continue. Please spread the word and show your friends. Hopefully they'll like it too.
adventures in Transformers and other strangeness...  
Henshin Sentai
Transform Squadron

Thursday, April 5, 2018

King Walder commercial

As I've noted earlier this week, that Halloween love has sprouted right back out of me. Which makes me laugh at myself, because the Halloween Hootenanny I do on Zone Base isn't too much different than the years regular content (maybe just a little more emphasis on horror). The scary monsters and horror themes are pretty rampant on the subjects I cover here, which makes me wonder if I'm into horror because of robots, or am I into robots because of horror? I try not to question it too much though because I don't feel I need to define myself and really, I'm pretty comfortable with myself (as much as possible anyway, everyone has self esteem issues occasionally). So all presentation silliness aside, is this Henshin Cyborg commercial crazy or what? I love the animation created for the ad and the plain scariness of it. It's like an old metal album cover come to life.

Cyclonus and his Armada

You know, he didn't have the worst idea.

Hey kids, the news is cool

Now this is super cool. A news program in Japan did a feature on Transformers as it began it's life as Transformers in Japan. Really neat look at the factory and some random bits and bobs.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Mark of the Battle Beast

of course he's fire

As winter turns into spring, of course my mind instantly goes to Halloween, which is two seasons away and I've admitted to my ridiculousness several times already. Being a child in the 80's in the south, Halloween has always has a certain flavor in it that really manages to stick around all year. It was in heavy metal, haunted attractions, certain fantasy and sci fi, wrestling, there's just that old school Halloween that's always around. Which brings me to a regular point of interest, the cousins of Transformers known as Battle Beasts. As you may know, Battle Beasts were sold in a variety of ways and one faithful Friday in the 5th grade I lucked up on a large multi pack of the fighting critters at Kay Bee Toys.

I said I was from the south and was a child in the 80's right? 

At the time, satanic paranoia was running rampant in my school as church groups were often infiltrated with the crazy scare videos and pamphlets that were everywhere at the time (they're all over YouTube). Thanks to having a teen-aged brother and living in the suburbs, I was constantly surrounded by heavy metal and all the assorted imagery that came with it. Which is where Fleet Footed Antelope comes in. You see, he was in that multi pack I got that faithful evening and among opening was presented with pure unadulterated evil.

There he was, horned and hooves, looking like every representation of the devil I was presented in those scare pamphlets. Tiny evil rubber bastard. I was petrified, I was terrified, I was horrified.

The Fleet Footed Antichrist was there and I had no idea how to deal with such a demonic presence (really, those scare videos and pamphlets left that part out). Maybe if I had the power of water. Water beats fire. But no, I'm in Georgia and surrounded by wood. Fire beats wood. I was screwed. So, I ultimately decided on doing the best thing in this situation. I locked him away where he could never get out, never to hurt anyone. Never to trick you into going to hell by playing Dungeons and Dragons. For all time and for all the good in the world, Fleet Footed Antelope had to be imprisoned.

So I put him in a Tupperware container that had my old crayons that I didn't use anymore and stuck him in the bottom drawer of my bedroom desk. There, no matter what, he could never be found. Until like a month later when I forgot I was afraid of him and found him while looking for that Mad magazine I stuck somewhere in my desk. 

Fleet Footed Asshole still smells like crayons.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Halloween Things

Yes I know it's a little early for Halloween Horrorcon to present itself here in Zone Base, but bear with me here. My beloved Universal Studios has announced they will have Stranger Things haunted mazes this year at Halloween Horror Nights. That's seriously awesome. Stranger Things is my current favorite show and after two seasons might join the ranks of my all time favorite shows. I've been on the band wagon of if USO ever was to remove the E.T Adventure, that re-themeing it to be a Stranger Things attraction would be awesome. I and others of my generation may love E.T, but it's obvious that others aren't as interested and as the other parks have removed their E.T rides, the clock in ticking on USO (literally the ride is there because Steven Spielberg wants it there) to pull the trigger one day.

As Stranger Things is steeped in a pseudo Steven Spielberg 80's movie setting full of horror references, I'd imagine the que in the woods and woods part of the ride would fit right on in. It's already kinda scary as it is, and some reworking of the government vehicles into Hawkins Laboratory vehicles wouldn't take too much. Hell, really riding those bikes through the woods and being confronted by the police and agents could almost translate directly into a Stranger Things theme. Just work in some new dialog and random bits and bobs. Perhaps even some voice clips of characters calling for Will and or Eleven. Man, some animatronic Demogorgon encounters in those woods would be great.

The scene where the bikes fly over the city would need to be reworked, which I imagine would be a good place to work in entering the research facility and that portal through space to the Green Planet would be the show stopper where you go inside the Upside Down with more Demogorgons and a showdown with the Mind Flayer before getting whisked away to safety of the real world again.

I can literally hear that great theme music playing in my head as I imagine it. The gift shop could be a mix of Stranger Things merchandise and assorted horror merch. I should stop before I get myself too excited.

Don't look at me like that.

Monday, April 2, 2018

I got a big Zord

Earlier today I went out with money from birthday cards and had some fun. One thing I did was swing by my local Toys R Us to see it one last time before it's gone for good and bought the Lion Fire Megazord on liquidation for quite a steal. Kinda stoked about this as I've wanted it for a while and it was around the price of a regular Megazord rather than the 100$ it had been going for. I'm going to have to wait until this weekend to check it out though as I ate some lunch and took a nap when I got home, upon opening it I discovered it requires assembly. That's a 20inch play set and probably an hour or so of time.