Thursday, November 30, 2017

I'm Authentically interested

The new 'Authentics' discount Transformers toys are apparently starting to pop up and I'm pretty excited. I'm not sure if I'm right in my assumption that these are taking over for Legion class (I mean, Legions are almost $8 now, these will be around that price and scale with the Legends toys), but I'm certainly interested. Small simple figures are just the Bumblebee's knees to me and I'd honestly enjoy a trip into a local Walgreen's to grab one of these and a soda. Maybe a candy bar too.

Robo Machines print ad

This old ad in an early attempt of Bandai to market Machine Robo before Gobots is really interesting. Though I wish I could go into more detail than look at that awesome art. Just look at it. That dude's strutting.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Scales well

Every once and awhile I'll see a random commercial and just appreciate something simple. Here it's Scales, a pretty simple toy with a simple gimmick. But they randomly included the repaint versions of Leader 1 and Cy-Kill. Possibly just because that was the version that would be on shelves, but still it's neat. I always liked that repaint of Leader 1 better anyway. Just a more interesting deco.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

G Shock sounds like a 90's rap group

Well, that's a neat watch commercial.

Cybertron Land

These are real pictures of the original Universal Studios Transformers attraction.

I'm admittedly excited for the planned trip to Universal Studios Orlando we're hoping to make come next Christmas. I'm literally bubbling with a form of excitement that can best be described as ... there's no definition. My excitement defies definition. Earlier today I was thinking about a post I made  in which I mentally dreamed up a small expansion to the Transformers ride. Then as I was thinking about it, it occurred to me... why not a mini Transformers land?

These are real pictures of the original Universal Studios Transformers attraction.

In the 80's, in the Hollywood park, they had a neato Transformers meet and greet area with costumed actors and photo ops. What I'm concieving isn't very different. After all, you already have the great costumed actors at the Transformers meet and greet. But how about a few dynamic static scenes similar to the Jurassic Park section at Islands of Adventure with a few more Transformers characters? Pepper that in with the ride, supply vault, the meet and greet and my earlier day dreamed game and snack set up and I think you got a pretty neat little area. Heck, set up another store and sell some more cool stuff even!

These are real pictures of the original Universal Studios Transformers attraction.

These guys rock

A recent post on Rock Lords in a Facebook group I'm in made me think back on Rock Lords. I really wish I'd paid them more attention at the time as they are some really cool toys. I saw the movie enough times on Showtime at the time, so I don't know what forces kept me away from them. I should eventually pick some up.

This is another good time to point out this great Rock Lords Fanzine from last year.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Evac is awesome

I happen to think Evac is the coolest idea. Just a great way to experience a ride based on the idea of robots that transform into cars and stuff. How about you ride inside a Transformer? What if he transformed into your ride vehicle? All of the point of view action is literally your point of view since your inside Evac's vehicle mode. Seeing the ride vehicle and system is the same used in Spider-Man, that would make one excellent crossover toy. I already have some Evac toys, but I'd double dip for a Spider-Man version!

Making it fit in the Universe-al

I really love this ride.
I'm ridiculous. You reading this blog already realize this. But, I admit it, I'm ridiculous. Friday afternoon, while out doing some holiday shopping, I was at Ross buying some of the Autobots Unite Legion sets that have been showing up (just need that Megatron/Berserker set now). While in line, I was looking at the toys. They're obviously from the movie universe, but you know what I did? I started talking to my wife about the new Supply Vault Exclusive Snarl toy. He's not in the ride, but he has a ride exclusive toy. Then I looked down at the figures in my hand. Sure, Optimus and Bumblebee are in the ride. But Hot Rod and Ravenspar isn't. The set I haven't found yet, Megatron is in the ride (in an older body, but he's there). Beserker isn't. I'm sure versions of them are for sale in the ride store.

But, really, why would they be? They're from movies that came out after the ride was made. But wait, the ride was first released shortly after Dark of the Moon came out. Yet it heavily features bots from Revenge of the Fallen who (spoilers for an almost 10 year old movie) died in that movie years before the ride came out.

Does it really matter? Well, it is an official Transformers product and it's story line doesn't fit well with the series that it's connected to (yes I know it's just a ride). Sure there's also Generations and Robots in Disguise toys sold in the store, but that's obvious. That's other uses of the Transformers that well stated. Just like the Spider-Man store, they have other Spider-Man stuff. The thing is, you just walked off a very specific version of Transformers and there is branded that version Transformers immediate for sale. There's even figurine sets exclusive to Universal Studios featuring characters not in the ride. I have the set that's themed from Age of Extinction with Stinger, he's not in the ride. Hell, he doen't exist until a post NEST world that the ride is based in. There's a new figure set with bots from The Last Knight. Same post NEST world. Same Universal Studios exclusive set.

Ultimately, I'm thinking too much, but also I'd going to once again state that I'm ridiculous. I'll even risk the embarrassment to admit that thanks to the ride, I have a new found love for the movies. They went from being a summer spectacle based on my favorite toy line that I had a lot of fun with, to being part of my overall love for that ride. When the movies first started, IDW ran comics based in the movie universe that were a little removed. Giving the characters a little time to shine and honestly made some really good Transformers stories. Like the ride, they exist in a splinter timeline. According to the TFwiki, All movie related stories fall into the Tyran Universal cluster. The ride itself falls into the Tyran 1211.03 Theta (who comes up with these names?) stream.

In short, the ride falls into a splinter reality of it's own in the movie's overall setting in Transformers.So really, Hot Rod could just show up without any real rhyme or reason. Maybe he'd be riding Snarl like a cowboy while Ravenspar scanned the scene and reported what's going on during some in line videos. Really, any random Transformers movie character is game. Perhaps Megatron sent Beserker in that mission to grab the Allspark fragment. Maybe, Stinger is just another Decepticon in the fight and Sqweeks is one of Wheelie's buddies. Or even part of a Minion crossover.

Hey, in that meet and greet outside of the Supply Vault... Megatron sure is there. There's even that new nighttime parade in Japan featuring the Transformers. What I'm saying is Universal Studios is it's own Transformers continuity where everything is possible and super fun. I'm a little excited that by the next time I get to ride the ride, the Bumblebee movie will be out. That means 2 movies will have happened since my last visit. I'm excited to see what impact they'll have on the Supply Vault as well as my overall mental version of things.

I said right off the bat that I'm ridiculous.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

World Warriors

I love this image. Just love it. I really want these, but don't see it happening with all my plans next year. So, I'll just have to live vicariously through super slick pictures.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving weekend status update

I'm currently enjoying a really relaxing Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I promise regular updates will resume soon, I just needed a little down time.

In other news, the wife and I decided to do a trip to Universal Studios Orlando for Christmas next year! As long as nothing effects those plans, man, it's going to be a long year! It's hard enough not being in that wonderful place every waking minute, let alone patiently waiting a year for my next trip.

I'm currently on a pre Christmas restriction from buying any toy for myself as the wife is buying me presents. Though I am allowed to buy my beloved crazy bootlegs and random Legions. So, time to get some more K.O Brave toys from Tuesday Morning!

So far I've spent this break watching movies and holiday shopping. It's been relaxing and I have a few days left. Man, I've really needed this. Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful for what you have. I'm certainly thankful for the folks who read Zone Base. I promise regular updates will resume soon!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Street Fighter Transformers!

Planet Iacon  recently posted magazine scans of some upcoming Street Fighter Transformers crossovers figures. These look absolutely nuts! I want... no, no. I am a grown man with wants and needs. And I NEED these.

Oh man, OH MAN!


Better pictures without the scanners watermark are online now and man oh man.

I really, really appreciate the level of detail in the paint here. Ryu is my go to guy in Street Fighter (or Akuma) and he looks awesome in that Titans Return Optimus Prime/Octane mold. The very clever paint job is just amazing. Not to mention M. Bison from Titans Return Megatron/Blitzwing is really clever. I don't think I ever would have thought of that. Chun Li from Generations Arcee really works, though I wish she got an extra cool Titanmaster like the others. Though you cannot ignore how well it works. Ken from Titans Return Hot Rod is really smart. The paint maps to the mold really well, but most cleverly is the use of Hot Rod's chevron into Ken's distinct eyebrows is really smart. I want these so bad, but the price is a little steep. The Ken/Chun Li set is 8000 yen, which is around 70$ US, and Ryu/Bison is 12000 yen, which is around 100$ US (give or take). So that's a really steep price to pay, but man these are wonderful. Maybe I'll win the lottery by then.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Poor Scorponok

Thanks to this commercial I was convinced nothing could stop Micromasters for awhile. I mean, they just hand Scorponok his butt there. Thing is, I was right. Nothing can stop Micromasters, they keep reusing elements of their gimmicks to this day. Which I love. Might I add, I love the animation they used in these old commercials.


Yo MCU, get on it.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Super Ninja Steel packaging is super nice

Pic from @TokuNation
Pic from @TokuNation
Pic from @TokuNation

Man, I've been really looking forward to these new Megazords enough already, but in the new Super Ninja Steel packaging makes me want to never open them. Seriously looks like a premium toy.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Evolution mode

As Power of the Primes toys start popping up, my excitement for the line grows more and more (add in the fact that I am under a strict buy no toys until after Christmas ruling from my wife, and I get even more antsy). I've spent so much time focusing on Primemasters, that I've just now started thinking about the Evolution figures in the line. The leader class figures all have this great Evolution gimmick, which is similar to Star Saber, in which a smaller robot can merge with the rest of his larger vehicle mode to form a larger super robot. In fact, I've been told that the leader class Optimus Prime figure was designed by the designer of the original Star Saber figure (I'm not sure just how true that is yet). It may be just wishing in one hand, but man oh man would I like to see a Evolution Star Saber figure in this line. It's just too perfect of an opportunity.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ninjas are rad

Looks like an album by the best band ever.

The Ninja and Shogun Megazord always seem to get looked over. I've never quite figured it out as they had some fantastic designs thanks to the Kakuranger footage used for MMPR seasons 3 and Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers. The Ninja Megazord was even in the MMPR movie which gets regular viewings in a lot of households thanks to it's discount DVD bin status. You'd figure they'd get more love, but seemingly they're mostly forgotten aside from Power Rangers ans Super Sentai fans. Even then I don't see much of them talked about in the Power Ranger and Tokusatsu groups I'm in.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Titans Return first impressions

So, this morning after I got home from work, I watched the first two episodes of Transformers Titans Return on the Go90 app. I was pleasantly surprised to like it. So far it seems to be a better overall production with more solid characters and so far plot. I'm honestly curious and excited to see where this show goes.

I was never bothered by the animation in Combiner Wars, but there was a few sticky moments in the animation that's still present here. Will Wheaton is the voice of Perceptor, who I admittedly haven't ever enjoyed in anything after Stand By Me. Just his voice just doesn't fit in for me. Maybe he'd be a better fit in another character.

I've always preferred Judd Nelson as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime and it's great to see him back in the role (his bit in Animated was a nice surprise at the time). Not to mention it's great to see Hot Rod acting like Hot Rod. I hope the show continues on the path it's on and continues to improve.

So far, it's just nice to see it as an overall improvement over Combiner Wars.

I like the idea of a cartoon exclusive to an app. It seems silly and would make more sense on YouTube, but in a world where I do literally everything with my phone, it just makes sense.

Don't miss Titans Return on Go90!

Don't forget to reinstall Go90 on your mobile devices so you don't miss Transformers Titans Return tomorrow (or today, however you look at it)!

Despite my concerns, I'm admittedly a little excited for it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Car Robots was pretty neat

When Car Robots started up, it was a return to traditional Transformers after a good 5 years of beast era. As big of a Beast Wars fan I was, something different was refreshing and traditional Transformers using beast era engineering and modern robot designs was out of this world cool. The cool imagery that floated around the internet from Japan made it seem all the more amazing. The internet was a lot smaller back then, so something so simple as a JPEG from another country could seem like a treasure in the right circumstances. Fortunately Car Robots was brought to the States the following year, I was way to broke to import them.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sting like a Bee!

I was very happy to learn the news that the upcoming new Transformers movie toy series will have a Stinger figure. Stinger is one of my favorite bots from the movie series and I literally cannot get enough of him. Still remember spending an entire Sunday traveling to various Walmarts (his toys were Walmart exclusive here in the US) to track down the elusive (at the time) One Step Changers version.

Can't wait to have this in my hands.

Shell Shock

I got this picture off Google images, apparently someone got this picture from Wowslider. 

I'm not doing a very good job at hiding my excitement for Primemasters. I've been wanting a Pretenders update for a very long time. I had gotten used to homage toys that basically used the shells as the robot mode without any actual shell. Fun Publications did a few Pretenders that I thought were awesome, but whoa nelly not for their asking price. I mean whoa the crap nelly. As Primemasters are basically mini figures using the shells, it's a good way to homage them and really, I like small toys.

Not to mention, I'll never own a Metalhawk. Sure, I have a pvc of him from that one particular wave of SCF, but never the real toy. There were a few updates, a BotCon I had to miss, a box set that sold out before I could commit (and was under the understanding that it would be more widespread... thanks TF news sites!). But never to actually get a Metalhawk. There was a cool Bootleg I saw of him that was floating around back in the day. Yep, never was able to track one down for myself.

But there's a Primemaster Metalhawk a coming, one for $5 that will be easy to get. Well, that's a gosh darn win in my book.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Galaxy Rangers

I never get tired of stuff like this. When somethings in development, often times it's a work in progress. Neato conceptual drawings, early versions, or like the above video- pieced together models. Haim Saban tried to get Super Sentai onto television in the US for such a long time, that the characters of MMPR was prior used in a pilot episode of his adaption of Bioman that never got the green light. So when Saban was pitching what would become MMPR, what better to slice together with Zyuranger footage?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Titans Return Trailer

The Titans Return web series starts next week and despite the mixed results of Combiner Wars, I'm looking forward to it. Mainly because I loved Titans Return so much that I'm ready to see it play out in animated form and hoping we actually get to see Titanmasters in action. I guess I need to re-download the Go90 app for this. I really wish they'd just put it on Youtube (Combiner Wars is now a year later on Youtube), but I'm sure the exclusivity helps fund the project. Really hope it's better this time around.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Cyclopsis/Dora Talos in Imaginext please

Last night while I was watching random MMPR/Zyuranger videos on Youtube, I started wondering what would make for good Imaginext figures. I've said time and time again that Imaginext is my favorite way to buy Power Rangers and in the past I've found myself hoping for more and more characters and suits from MMPR or even other Ranger series would find it's way into the line. As Imaginext has stopped putting the MMPR logo on the packaging and are just using the generic Power Rangers logo, I feel the chances of odd Zeo or maybe some of the Ninjetti or even Alien Rangers could appear. I'm mainly a MMPR fan first, so that's immediately where my mind goes. I know the line is getting some more toys next year, with the Megazords getting standard sized figures (love this so much) and some more monsters. So I have my hopes for Cyclopsis to make an appearance. He's such a great design and was such a threat to the Rangers, it would be perfect. I'd also love a Mutitus and more Putty variations. Considering some of the generic choices for the Alien Invasion sets, I don't think anythings to far fetched with this line.

Zone promotional videos

Star Convoy tv commercial

I don't want to get RID of it

This past Saturday, the first part of the two part series finale of Transformers Robots in Disguise aired on Cartoon Network. I've got the episode sitting on my DVR waiting for next week so I can watch it together. I'm going to miss the show. I liked it quite a bit despite the carbon copy haters general generic crap online (don't worry, they'll suddenly love it by the time the next show comes).

The show was fun. It simply was fun to watch. It was enjoyable and dared to make you laugh while watching the adventure. Not to mention is has an original personality and displayed some real creativity from the designers. All the while still being a traditional, monster of the week super robot cartoon.

I'm at an odd place as I'm really looking forward to Cyberverse, but don't want RID to go away. Sure, the toys and general merchandise will be around for a bit. Sure there will be reruns of the show until Cyberverse starts. And sure, I'll re-watch episodes. Just like Beast Wars, Robots in Disguise (the first one, yeah the names are confusing), and a few others. I'm just not ready for this to be over. Which makes looking forward to the new show odd sometimes.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Baby got Dorvack

It's not much of a secret that the toy molds for Whirl and Roadbuster came from a toy line/anime called Special Armored Battalion Dorvack. To me, this was a big point of confusion growing up as smaller versions of the toys were used also in the US in the Convertors robot toy line (I think there has been at least fifty million robot toy lines called Convertors in the course of history). Those were the versions I had. They were smaller and somewhat fragile (not sure if it was cheap plastic or cheaper design due to the smaller size). In fact, since Whirl and Roadbuster were practically a non entity in Transformers here in the states (they got a bigger role in UK comics, which I didn't read until I was in college), I specifically always think of them as those Convertors toys.

Convertors didn't have much of a fiction, being a cheaper toyline, the story was basically a good guys vs bad guys blurb on the packaging. Often, Wheels and Chopper (their Convertors names) found themselves with other various oddball robots fighting waves and waves of random dinosaurs and monsters.

It wasn't until the early 2000's that I learned of a Dorvack anime that one day I'll watch. I'd really like to. I swear I've seen the Roadbuster and other Dorvack designs in some of those random discount bin robot cartoons I've talked about here before that use stolen robot designs. I think if anything, those cheapo robot cartoons make for the ultimate fiction to my version of Wheels and Choppers adventures.

Gobots today at 3:30 PM !

People love to crap on the Gobots. Not so much these days as before, but for some reason Gobots were regularly seen by some as the cheaper alternative to Transformers (but nobody will crap on you for buying store brand milk). Even back as a kid I never compared the two. It was just another toy and show. There were other robot shows and toys, so I don't know why Gobots in particular fell prey to this viewpoint. It had a great cartoon. They were great toys.

Viva la Gobotron!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Microman Command - M152

Going along with my love of the small tokusatsu productions for these toys. I love Takara designers interest in Easter Island (early concepts drawings of Metroplex also featured Easter Island style statues). It's just a strange enough visual to contrast with the space opera of their products. Not to mention, Easter Island statues are just freaking cool looking on their own.

Diaclone Battle Convoy commercial

I've said before how I love these mini tokusatsu style productions that get made for Japanese toy commercials. I can watch them for hours. Yesterday, I posted about how I've often wondered how different things would have been if Diakron would have been a hit in the US. I remember seeing the boxes sitting on store shelves as a kid, not fully understanding what made it different than other toy cars (around that time, I was VERY young). If I would have saw these commercials on TV, and maybe a cool Saturday morning cartoon, I would have been hooked.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Diaclone Powered Convoy

Sometimes I wonder how things would have went if Diakron would have worked out here in the states and we never would have gotten The Transformers as we know them. I've always been a fan of the G1 Ultra Magnus toy and it's overall look. It's a pretty toy and he's always been a great character. But just look at that picture of the toy his mold came from and look at that art. It's hard to deny that with better marketing it could have been a bigger hit. I can't help but to wonder how great a Saturday morning cartoon based on Diaclone could have been.

Weekly Spotlight: Cybertron Crosswise

Crosswise is an ancient bounty hunter tricked centuries ago into following a target to Earth, where he was captured and sealed into the side of a glacier in the Alaskan wilderness. Gruff, sarcastic, and always spoiling for a fight, he isn't above resorting to dirty tricks to take down an enemy. Though he rarely works without getting paid, he also has a strong sense of right and wrong, and when he hears about the danger to Cybertron, he is only too glad to sign on with Optimus Prime and the Autobots.