Monday, October 30, 2017

Castlevania Bloodlines

Castlevania Bloodlines/Vampire Killer/The New Generation is one of my favorite Castlevania games to this day. It's often overlooked for reasons I cannot fathom. It's an absolutely wonderful classic style Castlevania game that deserves more fanfare than it gets.

I want to watch this parade

I can't see this image without being overwhelmed with a sense of awe and amazement. It's for the new nighttime parade at the Japanese park. It looks amazing.

Strangers Bots

Watching the new season of Stranger Things this past weekend reminded me of a story in the UK Transformers comics. In the UK comics, time travel would place a Transformer from the current timeline in a limbo dimension while the time traveler would occupy that bots place in the time stream. If this was not followed for whatever reason, it would result in cataclysm. Thanks to Galvatron's constant hijinks in time travel, Skids got stuck in limbo for a few years.

During that time, Skids fell prey to parasites that lived in the dimension. The parasites fed off emotions and soon Skids fell completely under their influence. He imagined them into monsters that terrorized him relentlessly. Which resulted into them becoming reality upon Skids being returned to the real world.

Skids ran from the monsters as they tormented him. His attempts to stop them included trying to trap them in a nuclear power plant (and blow it up) and suicide (they had convinced him he had to die to kill them). Fortunately Springer, Carnivac, and the rest of the Suvivors helped Skids defeat the monsters.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Baskin Robbins Halloween Japan

I was just talking about the grass being greener and man if I can even find a Baskin Robbins around here I'm not getting a nice looking regular sundae, let alone those works of art.

KFC Halloween Japan

It's easy to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but seriously. KFC does so much fun things in other countries, while here the special offerings are a different type of spicy chicken. Yay, spicy in a different way from the other spicy option. That Halloween KFC bucket offers churro rings with pumpkin maple dipping syrup. Also the bucket is decorated. 

The grass is ssssoooooooo much greener sometimes.

It's finally out!

The best damn show on TV is finally back for it's second season and just in time for Halloween!


I've always been a little bummed that Holepunch never became a household name.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dear Santa...

Well that's neat

I can't lie, I'm a little hesitant to be excited for the upcoming Titans Return web series to start. I was really looking forward to Combiner Wars and like a lot of other TF fans, wasn't exactly happy with the results.

I've really enjoyed Titans Return a whole lot more than I've enjoyed a lot more recent TF lines, so much that the idea of a web series on it is very exciting to me. Just that after those less than favorable episodes of Combiner Wars, I uhh...

But this promotional artwork that's been floating around the past few days is a super fun image at least.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Monsters Cafe

I've been thinking lovingly about Universal Studios (this happens regularly throughout the day) and also about Universal Monsters (this also happens regularly throughout the day). Being Halloween and all, I felt it fit to talk about my favorite restaurant at the park (Krusty Burger comes in a close second though).

Monsters Cafe is located near Shrek 4D building not far away from the entrance of the park and is wonderful. First of all, the place is decked out with Frankenstein and all his pals. Not just that cool sign on the building and neat-o statue that grabs your attention before you get close. Inside the restaurant, you're immediately greeted by dioramas of the monsters behind glass. Well done, true to scale representations of the gang right there in your face. However, this is more than a cool sign and a few displays. The inside of the restaurant's seating is separated into different sections inspired by each monster. Yes, you can eat a pizza in Dr Frankenstein's lab. Yes, you can have a salad in the Creature from the Black Lagoons boating dock. You can have chicken tenders at the Wolfman's crib. Or if you're like me, you can eat a monster burger in Dracula's Castle.

A Monster Burger? Oh yeah mofo, a monster burger (that's actually just what I call it, because I'm fun to be around). Picture this, a big ol burger with not just cheese and lettuce... BUT PULLED PORK BBQ! While I would have happily enjoyed a lounge or a museum of sorts dedicated to the Universal Monsters, a restaurant with really good food is something I desire even more on vacation. Monsters Cafe is a Quick Serve restaurant, so if you have that dinning plan, it's totally compatible (and I'm a burger and fries kinda guy).

While I'm not sure exactly when I'll be able to make it back to the extra most best-est place in the universe (hopefully 2019, we're planning to do a Halloween vacation at Disney World next year), I know exactly where I want to eat!

Spooky Spotlight; Noctorro

Quick tempered, strong as a bull, and fast as ultrasound, Noctorro blasts through the night air securing Maximal outposts and performing recon missions. Fierce, efficient and highly dangerous when angered, Noctorro is no Maximal to be toyed with. His immense strength and speed let him go without heavy weaponry in battle, preferring to rely instead on his powerful horns, arms, and claws - a fact of which he is very proud. His highly sensitive sonar tracking mechanism can be used to locate Predacons and confuse their radar systems.

Monday, October 23, 2017

The time I won an iPac on AMC's Monsterfest

Every Halloween, AMC runs their annual Fear Fest programming of horror movies. I look forward to it every year and really enjoy it. Prior to being called Fear Fest, they called it Monsterfest. I guess Fear Fest sounds better when not every horror movie they show has a monster. Not to mention, Fear Fest is pretty much an all day thing (aside from when it's time to show an AMC original series), while Monsterfest was pretty much a nighttime deal.

During the 2001 Monsterfest, AMC ran a contest where you could win a Compaq iPaq pocket pc. At the time I was just out of college and working at Office Max still, and under the assumption that a pda was more than just a fancy Day Runner (it was just a fancy Day Runner as time would prove). That year, Monsterfest would show a particular movie each night for a week, after the movie on the AMC Monsterfest site, the official You Don't Know Jack Monsterfest game would update with that nights movie. I'd login and humor the You Don't Know Jack's annoying voice and play. 500 high score winners would get the iPaq. Oddly enough, you could play as much as you wanted to and your final score for each night would be your score for that night. So I'd play until I had a perfect score each night in hopes of winning that cool pocket pc (literally, it was just a fancy Day Runner).

The contest went for a week and ended after Halloween. Each night I had a perfect score and was counting on less than 500 people playing (I have no clue why I assumed that). Sure enough, within the following week I got a certified letter telling me I won the iPaq. WOO HOO! A lifetime of horror movies had finally paid off! Inside the envelope had all the details of what I needed to do to get my prize. Which was have my signed copy of the winning notification notarized and Fed Ex'd (they paid for that) back to them. It was the first time I ever heard of a notary and had to ask around to figure that out. Turns out I could have someone do it at my bank. Got my stuff all set and dropped off my envelope in the Fed Ex mailbox at the front of my Office Max workplace (literally the only time I've sent something Fed Ex) and waited.

Sometime before Thanksgiving my iPaq came and I was super excited to get it. Then promptly spent a week realizing it was just a fancy Day Runner. I learned how to download various newspapers and magazines to it and... wrote my weekly shopping list on it. But hey... I won it by knowing Jack about horror movies!

That McDonald's will kill ya!

Halloween Hamtaro Big Kids Meal

Cybertron's demons

 Cybertron is home to more than just the Transformers. One race of Cybertronian is the Demons, a group of monsters that live underneath the surface of Cybertron that feed upon the life force of Transformers.

Starscreams Ghost almost haunted someone else

It's been a popular theory that the Episode 'Starscream's Ghost' was to originally feature Blitzwing instead of Octane. Which it doesn't take much thought to see where it realistically was originally intended to be him in the leading role, probably the coolest piece of evidence suggesting it is this piece of artwork advertising the episode in TV Magazine.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Transformers Mode "Eva" Chapters 1-4

- The apostle, an attack. A mysterious living body that appeared suddenly after a long silence, apostle. The weapons of the UN forces that gathered to counter it did not have any teeth at all ... Finally the command of battle against the apostles was transferred to the special institution Nerf.

The Apostle who invades silently aiming for the 3rd New Tokyo City ... At that time, the Space Shuttle descends from the sky far, Cybertron 's Skylinks. What appeared from inside is the Saibaton warriors led by the convoy who has perceived indispensable energy reactions from the head of Haruka Seiberton.
"I can not let the planet cause tragedy like that second impact ... on this planet ... What is that monster !?"
The convoy that fell on the ground is far more enormous than ourselves ... amazed at the apostles.
"That is ... what on earth? It does not seem to belong to the UN army."
Nerf Operation Directive, Mitsato Katsuragi is at a loss as to how to respond to unexpected situations.

At that time, a mysterious shadow appears before the apostle.
"I feel it ... this energy ... this guy is suitable for my new body ...!"
"What is that ... is that ... Star Scream !?"
A convoy that raises voices unexpectedly. Yes, it was a starcream that lost its life in the UNICRON war several years ago, sparks body ... it became a ghost and it kept wandering.
The shadow of the ghost starscream integrates with the apostle and its appearance changes and it changes. It was like a half-life, but it was exactly a huge Star Scream, also called "Apostle" Scream.
"... ... what ... what's that ... the apostles ... deformed !?"
Truly Misato can not hide surprises in this situation.
"Huh ha ha! Finally I got a new body!"
"Apostle" Scream raises laughter. I notice the convoy who are at feet.
"Hehehe ... with Cybertron, are not you? Just right, let me try my new power!"
"Apostle" Scream that aims at the convoy. The difference in size was hopeless and Cybertron warriors were out of touch at all.

The situation is getting confused in unexpected situations that occur one after another. However, the commander Misato ordered the injection of Eva's first machine as planned. Mirumiru 3rd New Tokyo City will change.
"Mumu? Will this city transform like a scramble city?"
The convoy thought so, the ground in front of him opened, the first Eva aircraft lifted up and appeared. Cyberlon fighters who are unlikely to be overwhelmed by their sense of scale.

"What a man ... that human beings could build such a huge robot ...!" However, the convoy who saw that figure falls into a strange feeling.

(This ... is not a robot? I feel the beat of life ... No, it is a primitive call?

As guided, the convoy scans Eva's first machine, and surprisingly the body gets bigger and the body color changes to the same purple as the first machine.

"... now ... Transformers ... Eva ... !?"

Misato and Neruf officials are stunned by the situation in front of me.

A gigantic convoy gazes at the "apostle" Scream, opens the chest armor and raises the roar.

"Waio ... ...!"

The chest matrix sounded like a core of the apostles, red as it sounded like a breath of new life.

The story of a battle evolved into a new stage here starts curtain ....

"What did you ... ... convoy! You got a new body!"
A star scream got a huge body integrated with the apostle ... the apostle Scream raises a voice. Before that is Convoy Mode Eva, General Commander of Cybertron, who has scanned Evangelion 's first machine and became a purple giant sized far beyond the usual Transformers.

A convoy that closes the chest armor and quietly scatters the apostle's scream. Cybatron warriors who climbed to the surrounding building group call out a reluctant voice.
"Commander! Is ... Are you OK?"
"Oh ... I am fine, it's a mysterious feeling ..."
A huge convoy responds to Lanbol who seems uneasy. Although the consciousness is clear, the convoy has no feelings before ... In other words, I felt like I had another new life in my life.
"Do not think that you can win with just the same size as myself, convoy!"
The face of the apostle floating on the chest of the apostle scream, when you think that its eyes shine, a number of light bullets are fired for the convoy. When seeing the first Evangelion machine behind it only for a moment, the convoy picks up light bullets in his own body as if to cover it.
"Please do not like yourself! Star Scream!"
Convoy takes out a favorite laser rifle which has become enormous in size as myself, and attempts counterattack to the apostle scream. But that shoot did not reach the body of the apostle Scream.
"What ... is it not working?"
A barrier-like thing was deployed in front of the apostle scream, and it prevented all shooting.
"A.T. Field ...! Again the huge transformer is absorbing the power of the apostles ...!"
Misato who was looking at the war situation at the headquarters murms. Nerf headquarters was making noise in a completely unexpected situation.
"He Hehe ... This guy is a good ability, if you have this power you will not lose to Galvatron's guy anymore."
If you say so, the apostle Scream will head to the convoy. The convoy whose reaction was delayed quickly was grabbed by a sharp claw of the apostle Scream and his head was suspended suspended.
"First of all, we will deal with you from a convoy, who plays a hatred of you for many years, I will defeat you, Commander of Cybatron and make the birth of Destron New Leader my whole world in the universe!"
Then the pile of light stretches from the enormous Narbeam Cannon about the arm of the apostle Scream, and is struck to the head of the convoy as it is. It can also be called a null beam pile It stretches and shrinks over and over and gradually accumulated damage on the armored armor of the convoy.
"Ugh !!!"!
While holding the arm of the apostle scream, the convoy raises a voice of agony. Although the surrounding Saibatron warriors managed to cover the commander, they were overwhelmed by the difference in size with the two giants and attacked. At that time, the wheel jack senses the communication radio waves and adjusts the line.
"Here is the Kasatsuki Misato of NARU Operations Headquarters in the Special Affairs Bureau, can you hear me?"
Even though he hesitates for a moment to the name of the organization he can not hear, the wheel jack responds.
"We are the Cybatron Corps' foiljack, what is the organization like that !?"
It is the first dialogue with a transformer who is an alien, but Misato is somewhat surprised at somewhat disgusted tone that it hears from the correspondent, but also rethinks and tells the matter.
"Since the Eva prepared here does not move, the annihilation of the apostles can only bet on that huge transformer. Listen carefully from now on!"

"Fuhufu ... The wind hole will open in my head soon, convoy, how much you have already finished."
The persistent pile attack of the apostle Scream runs cracks on the head of the convoy. However, at that time, a shootout was released to the apostle Scream.
"... What is it, Kuzu?"
It was an attack by Cybatron warriors, but there was no effect on the Apostolic Scream with the size difference as well as the A.T. field.
But ...
"Star Scream! If you grow so big you will not be able to demonstrate your boasting speed anymore! You can not even catch the Oila!"
Run around the feet of the apostle scream so that Bumble provokes in the vehicle mode.
"Wh ... What are you saying? Do not lick me like this!"
Acts Scream will try to crush the bumples while grasping the convoy. However, you still can not catch up with the unbalanced body of the new body, you can not catch up, it is pulled back.
"You came! Now!"
Then suddenly the road at the foot of the apostle scream suddenly deformed and turned up with the command of Misato. The Saibatron warriors were inviting to this point under the direction of Misato.
The apostle Scream steadily loses its balance and relaxes the power of the hand holding the convoy. It was not a convoy to miss that gap.
Pull off the arm of the apostle Scream at a stretch, and visit an intense punch. But even the Tekken of the convoy will be taken in front of the A.T. field.
"I do not know that it will not work! Comboi!"
At that time, the red liquid energy overflowed from the right arm of the convoy, and its form changed to Energy Ax while it was watching. And the crimson ax is stepped straight down to the apostle scream.
"Muu Oh oh !!"
Although it seemed as if the blow was accepted by A. T. Field, Energy Ax would break into Melimeli in the A.T. field as it is, and it will tear apart.
"That ... ... A. Neutralize the field ... No, I'm destroying!"
Misato breathes whether this is the power that Eva and Transformers combined.
"Star Scream ... Please leave this planet!"
Energy Ax which passed through the A.T. field digests into the body of the apostle scream as it is, and tears the face of the star scream and the apostle into two.
"Wow ... I am stupid ... This girl ... damn it !!"
At the time Energy Ax reached the core of the crimson in the body of the apostle, Starcream ghost jumped out of the body of the apostle and faded into the empty space with a shout of grudge. The remaining Apostolic body fell down to the ground of the 3rd New Tokyo City without force, raising splash like fresh blood from the core.
Misato looked stunned and looked at the figure of the convoy reflected on the monitor.

Several hours after the battle ... There was a figure of the convoy who returned to the original size after finishing the battle at the Nerf military camp near the 3rd New Tokyo City. Beside that there is a trailer container of the convoy, and Nerv 's staff was undergoing renovation as a mobility maintenance facility of Convoy - Eva. There were also Lambor, helping with the staff with renovation, and Foiljack, who is interested in talking with Nerf's researcher.
"Not just the starcream, but perhaps other Destrons will also aim for this earth again."
The convoy murmures quietly looking over the sky.
"And the monster called that apostle ... It may have been time for us and mankind to fight again and fight."
There comes a vehicle mode bumble, and when you open the door Misato appears from inside.
"Transformers ... ... it has become awful thing a bit ... ..."
Misato looked up with a gorgeous convoy · mode Eva appearing illuminated by the light in the dusk, with a mixed expression of anxiety and expectation.

*note* The above is a Google Translation of the text story for the Transformers/Evangelion crossover. The original text can be found here. I felt it fit the Halloween season.

Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Thailand poster

Nightmare On Elm Street 5 Japanese poster

City of Fear

I've made the joke before "what doesn't Halloween have to do with Zone Base?", meaning it's all to obvious how horror themes are rampant in Transformers and other similar series. I mean, most of this stuff revolves around a monster of the week. Then you add in the fact that Transformers are robots, and writers get downright morbid. It's like there's a free pass to get as violent as possible.

The point I'm making is that this stuff can be scary, horrifying, and violent without pause. Take the Transformers UK story City of Fear (you can easily find reprints of it physically or digitally, and I recommend you do). In this story, we get a traditional seeming Transformers story start off and evolve into a zombie b movie. It's weird, scary and even has the nerve to use a dead character from a previous story as a zombie and outright does so to intentionally drive the story forward.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cityneon is such a rad name

I've been watching this develop for awhile now, I think since 2015. I was really convinced that this was going to be the replacement for BotCon for a bit there. But it sounds much more interesting. A touring Transformers experience including VR? Sign me up! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled towards this ones schedule, hoping it makes a stop in Georgia or relatively close to me. I really want to go.

Press Release

Spooky Spotlight: Tarantulas

An eight-armed master of martial arts, this ninja nightmare slashes his way through battle virtually unstoppable! The heroic Optimus Primal suspects him of being responsible for the disappearance of numerous earthlings, and recent rumors suggest the existence of giant cocoons where Tarantulas may store his unfortunate prey. He must be stopped before he spins his web of terror across the galaxy!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cyber Battalion Jetfire

Jetfire is one of those Transformers characters that is near iconic, but just below the obvious choices when people name off Transformers characters. For me he was always something awesome. There's a near Boba Fett level of intrigue to his name. Something that just can't be put into words, but right there in the mojo.

When the Cyber Battalion line released a version of him, I knew I had to have one. Fortunately the series has recently become available here in the US sold in Walgreen's stores for much less than can be found online. It's worth noting that there is a few available at Universal Studios, but not fair to compare the prices as that's at a theme park and sold as an exclusive to those parks here in the states (though I wonder how much longer as the Optimus and Bumblebee are available in Walgreen's now sans the Universal Studios label on the boxes). But essentially, you can now get these great figures much easier and cheaper at your local Walgreen's.

Jetfire is a remold and redeco of the Starscream that I've went over here before , so I won't have to much else to go over with him other than how great looking he is. Man these colors really look good on him. Something about that basic set of colors just really work on a jet. With the new head molding, it almost seems like this toy was always intended to be Jetfire. While Starscream was great in his own right, Jetfire just seems more natural.

These Cyber Battalion figures are a simple joy to be held. Not very complicated and possessing a very limited amount of articulation, they are basically giant legion figures and that's where their charm is. This is a big toy. Roughly voyager scaled. Sure, you can'y put him in an Ironman pose and take 5 million high def photos of him doing an Ironman pose in your fancy glass display case while using hashtags like #dope. But what you can do is open a big box full of solid chunky jet robot toy and probably throw him through a wall. I don't advise you do that, but it'd probably hurt the wall worse than the toy. Not to mention, it's just very satisfying to just fiddle with and pretty impressive to look at. While I imagine the upcoming Authentics discount line will eventually take the place of these, these are the perfect toys to sell at a store like Walgreen's or a Family Dollar.

I'm not going to try and convince you to go out and buy one if you don't want one. But I'm guessing if you read Zone Base, then you probably enjoy Transformers in a similar way to me and this is something you'd enjoy a lot.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Robot Cartoons

Over the weekend the news regarding details over the new Transformers cartoon called Cyberverse was released online. Ever since the first bit of news regarding the series, many fans (including myself) speculated it would have a more traditional G1 looking aesthetic (going by all the new art getting used on licensed products) and we were right. Using what Hasbro is referring to as the Evergreen designs, this cartoon will look awfully familiar. Evergreen meaning traditional looking, so you see Bumblebee and that's the same Bumblebee on everything (excluding movies of course). The designs are basically classic characters updated for modern times and that's going to be it going forward.

I'm not complaining.

The story is described as Bumblebee loses his memory on a mission and Windblade is helping him remember by recounting past adventures. So basically, it's going to be episodic and the initial set up will be under a story telling format (I figure the focus of the bumper segments will change as time progresses). I really like this as I really like more episodic storytelling as opposed to long drawn out arcs. Not to mention, it gives the writers more room to flex their creativity instead of forcing the characters into an ongoing arc.

I'm pretty positive in my outlook going forward, it sounds like a fun show. Once RID wraps up in a few weeks, I figure this will debut late winter or early spring (it debuts in 2018). I'm really interested in the Japanese version as I really want to see what manga or story pages comes in addition to this. Not to mention, this is the perfect setting for one off stories like fan club fiction or whatever. Instead of shoehorning a exclusive into a portion in a continuity and making an overly complex system of continuity... it's just another adventure in a general setting. Considering an earlier version of this blog was called Cyberverse (after what was then a line of legion/legend toys), I obviously like the name.

Also this weekend the 4th season of Voltron was released on Netflix. With the new smaller season model firmly in place as of last season, it's really easy to binge right through the new episodes in the same time you'd watch a movie, though it does leave you wanting more sooner. Fortunately the new smaller season model will supposedly reduce that in between time. This season was excellent. Absolutely excellent. Without going into spoilers as much as possible, the show really delved into things and really set the stage for bigger things. Not to mention, episode 4 'The Voltron Show' was absolutely hilarious. This is a show that started off good and has stayed good. It's great to watch a robot cartoon without the mental conceit that it's a cartoon (so you gloss over some stuff). Not to mention, whenever my wife is in the same room as me while watching a robot cartoon, she doesn't pay it too much attention. This one generally keeps her attention and while she's not particularly interested in my silly robot shows, she does ask a bunch of questions and I can tell it's got her hooked for the moment at least. A well written show will do that. You may not want to watch it, but you'll at least be entertained while it's in your view. Either way, I'm chomping at the bit for season 5.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Transformers Universe-al?

Now that's a wing thing!

During Generation One, a Transformers sub line called the Vintage Horror Movie Series was conceived. Presumably that was near the end of the line around the same time the Rock Bots were also being thought of as a serious thing for Transformers. In theory it's pretty sound, Real Ghostbusters was making crazy money and Transformers were on the downturn.

Large mouth kick ass.

The line never made it past the drawing board. Literally, no prototypes or mock ups of the toys have ever surfaced (yet, anyway) and all that exists still is some of the concept art printed in the Transformers Generations book. While one can wonder if the monsters would have been worked into existing Transformer fiction, it's not hard to imagine Hasbro turning Transformers into a label and just feature transforming toys for some of these concepts (like an early version of Animorphs or Crossovers). As a horror and classic monster fan, I would have loved these and have always been a little sad that they never happened.

What's bugging you?

Castlevania II - Dracula Densetsu II (Castlevania 2 Belmont's Revenge)

Creature From The Black Lagoon French Poster

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Ghost of Frankenstein Japanese poster

Monster Movie Star

Skullgrin had a successful career as a Hollywood monster movie actor.

I'm literally screaming right now

Doesn't help I daydreamed this guy up a month ago. 

I'm salivating so very much over Primemasters that the site of one I'll never own is killing me.


Spooky Spotlight: Carnivac

A cunning smile is more devastating than the fiercest weapon.

A growling, howling, mad dog destroyer. Commits abominable acts with unrelenting glee. Always smiling, even in battle. Outer shell has built-in hydrolic lifters that enable him to jump over 50 feet in any direction. High-intensity laser beams in eyes incinerate targets in seconds. In robot Mode, armed with anti-thermal cannon with infrared scope that freezes targets on impact.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I guess I'm psychic

The Last Jedi trailer

About made a mess of myself watching this earlier. Can't wait! Tickets already bought! WWWOOOOO!

I'd buy this cereal every week.

I bet it has extra marshmallows too.

I'm a little heart broken that I haven't gotten a Trypticon yet. I'm sure if this was a real cereal, I'd probably eat too much of it. Man... what if it came with free Titanmasters as a prize? I'd buy two boxes every week.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel trailer!

Oh my. Sledge is back and does Levi make a heel turn?

Pacific Rim Uprising trailer!!!



Thursday, October 5, 2017

NYCC 2017 reveals


New York Comic Con is starting up and with it came the initial reveals. Hasbro was showing off plenty of their upcoming Power of the Primes toys to my happiness. I finally got a good view of more of the upcoming Primemasters and couldn't be happier. I want these so bad that it's bordering scary. I'll cut you man. Looks at the new Terrorcons and Dinobots were also great. The new black repaint of the POTP Rodimus Prime was unexpected and I love it. Taking cues from prior black versions of Rodimus and even the Shattered Glass versions beard, the toy looks great and even uses Unicron in the naming making me think about those old Marvel UK TF stories with Rodimus possessed by Unicron. Was really disappointing to miss out on getting a chance to buy the NYCC Grotesque (in the style of the Hascon Arcee) as it was put on Hasbro Toy Shop before I was aware. Fortunately, news of it being available at Toys R Us soon took away a little of the sting. Just hoping I get a fair shot at that one. There's a ton of great pictures and reports at TFW2005.

credit: Tokunation

There was plenty of Power Rangers reveals to my delight. The Mini-Pla kits of various Zords really have my attention, as I'd love to get all the kits from MMPR (hoping they're fairly affordable). I think my biggest surprise though was seeing that the upcoming Super Ninja Steel is delving more into Ninninger footage and we're getting a US version of this guy. Really happy for this as it's a great design and would like to just stroll into Target and pick it up. There's a ton of great pictures and reports at Tokunation.

I've seen a few glimpses of the upcoming Pacific Rim Uprising toys, but am really waiting until tomorrow to go more into it when the trailer goes up. So far they have a teaser of the trailer up that's really wetting appetites over here at Zone Base HQ. Which means me. I'm really excited.